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Guest AdminGuyX

I really like this one! I'm moving, but once we get settled in our new place I'm going to make a print of this one and hang it on the studio wall.


You've got one hell of a series of 40k pieces here. You should think about creating a portfolio/collection of them.





More 40,000 Wannabe Art... I figure if I send them enough submissions I'll either have so much practice I'll be worthy, or they'll get tired of rejecting me.



p.s. Gun Planet, dude love the colors on that.


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I'm proud to announce my first gig poster of 2011. I mixed my love for Art Nouveau, 60's Rock Posters and Pin-Up in this screen printed poster for the Black Angels – a stoner, psychedelic band from Austin, TX.


Check out the detail photos. When the light hits it - the underprinting shows through the black and adds a really cool texture to an otherwise flat background.


18x24 screen print











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It's a laser cut and etched skull clock!

I teamed up with my long-time pal Amanda from Right In The Family Jewels to create this unique piece. Think of how many "Two minutes to midnight" jokes you can make. "Or time waits for no man"... The puns are endless!


These will be in an edition of 10 in black and white


1/4" thick acrylic

More info HERE








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Haven't drawn anything in a bit, but promised my niece I'd donate something to the Flint, Mi. BRING it FEST...

here it is...



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In 1963 Al Davis was hired to coach the Raiders...by 1965, I was in love with the NFL and the Silver and Black,


Rest in peace Al Davis.



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Jones'n to do a DEATHLOK, so I did. I sort'a combined some of the elements from the classic version and the more modern ones as well. Then I used a couple of Thomas Jane photos for reference, so yeah, It's TJ as DEATHLOK...Deathlok.jpg

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