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  2. Tell me about it - so many people sending me message, pretending to be people I follow; half of them don't even spell the names correctly! I've had several Tomas Jaynes saying hello, and one Thoomas Jain! I really don't know what they expect to get out of it.
  3. You've hit the nail squarely on the head there, CJ!
  4. Exactly! Polyamory is not something that appeals to me but logically-speaking, it makes far more sense than just two people being together. Especially from a procreation perspective. Imagine being brought up in Holden's family... all those different parents you could go to when one tells you no, you can't have an ice cream before your dinner!
  5. I really liked that the series showed their relationships as completely normal. It was no big deal, why would it be?
  6. So relieved TJ got his Instagram back. I keep getting more fake ones following me & DMing me. IG removed some but also lets others slide by, when they shouldn't.
  7. No worries. Glad he's doing better.
  8. HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY, @Thomas Jane!!!!! Wishing you a wonderfully amazing & weird-cool Bday!! BDAY GIFT FOR TJ!!!
  9. It must be a man thing - Martin said exactly the same thing! Neither of us really minded the weekly drop of episodes (it does take me back to how telly used to be ) but however much I remind him it’s the same cast, crew and writers he thinks it’s the move to Amazon that’s done it. I think I’ve probably missed a certain something by not reading the books though. I still love the overall look of the episodes (cinematography, etc.), I think it was a flow and pacing issue that left me feeling a bit let down. And yes - I totally think Marco’s look is stolen from Prince . Give him a pai
  10. Yes, Kevin wasn't overly; impressed, either. Not just because of the weekly drop but he feels that since the series went to Amazon, it really lacks the impact of the first three series. I don't really know if he's right because I'm not viewing through the eyes of someone who hasn't read the books; the fact that I have is always going to have an impact on my viewing experience. That said though, from an end user POV, I still feel the weekly drop was a terrible idea. However, from a business perspective, it makes sense to make sure you get subscription fees from people who would otherwise
  11. Happy birthday TJ! I have the feeling you're heading into a great year. Wishing you all the possible fun and success
  12. Happy birthday Thomas -Hope you have an awesome day .
  13. Happy birthday to the coolest of dudes! Hope you have a great day Thomas!
  14. Hello everyone ! I finally found time to watch S5. Having read the book before, I enjoyed it really. It was not the same for my husband who complained about what you mention above: it felt disjointed. It remains an unsolvable task: how to bring such a dense story in just 10 episodes. Reading the book, I felt that Amos's journey alone could have been turned into a movie. It was too short for my taste. Naomi did get her fair amount of time on screen, probably because it takes place in space and creates a bridge to Drummer. I enjoyed the make-up, hair design and tatoos a lot! Those
  15. Yeah I saw this the other day and thought to share it here and then forgot because I had to go out. So its great you shared it instead Was good seeing his directing. Also that stunt with Amos had me laugh at first and then think ohh crap hope he was okay from that.
  16. I can imagine admining - if that's even a word (probably administrating), the group can be a pain and take a lot of time. People like to sneak in comments and such when they think no one is paying attention. Or you get the odd one you missed and get called out as if it was done deliberately. So yeah can fully understand your loss of enthusiasm.
  17. Blooper reel, and some BTS with a certain person!
  18. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think the internet is a wonderful thing... I'd be out of a job if it didn't exist! And would never have been able to live in foreign climes. But it's a heck of a time-waster, too!
  19. Hope she doesn't have to wait too long for the op. Your dad sounds sweet!
  20. Thanks, and yeah its a long journey for me too. There are other guests going I wouldn't mind seeing if he wasn't able to make it and the date wasn't then. But if he's the only reason to go and doesn't then its quite a lot otherwise. Thanks, looks like my Mum might be getting her operation this year but still hoping we can go. Booked our park passes now and my Dad is really looking forward to it, even said about getting him a Mickey mouse birthday cake for his birthday while we're there.
  21. I get where you’re coming from but on the other hand, if it wasn’t for the interweb there’d be no RAW Studios Forum and the world (well my world at any rate) would be a much poorer place!!
  22. I spend half my working life managing other people's social media, so I have lost my enthusiasm for it, somewhat! And right now, the Expanse FB group I admin is taking up so much time, due to trolls. We're still dealing with the influx we had during the US elections and subsequent sedition shenanigans. Also, the absolute troll I'm having to deal with regarding Cas. Social media can be so bloody toxic. My life was so much simpler before the internet!
  23. You have been conspicuous by your absence!
  24. Aah, I see. Good for you! I haven't been paying attention to Insta for a while.
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