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  2. Hi everyone ! I couldn’t login for a long time, while I was watching this movie tonight I wanted to share TJ’s photos in the soundtrack’s booklet. Hope you enjoy !
  3. Thank you CJ ! Yes I had Wishing you all the best as well.
  4. Happy belated Birthday Hope you had a great day.
  5. You are more than welcome Ariane - I have to admit that the majority of my school German has been lost in the mists of time but Google is a very good teacher! I hope your book was entertaining/absorbing/informative (delete as applicable!) and that your day was enjoyable from start to finish
  6. Gail and Rosella, thank you so much for your kind words. Gail you even have learnt German just to greet me today it was a good day so far. Have a great team at work doing great progress. And tonight: I will do... NOTHING ! well yes actually: read a book. That's luxury at the moment
  7. HAPPIEST 43rd BIRTHDAY, ARIANE!!! Wishing you a fabulous and delightfully amazing Bday!!
  8. It can’t possibly be a whole year already!!! And yet it is - it’s time to send best wishes to the lovely Ariane. I hope you have a fabulous day doing what you like with people you love! Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag!!
  9. Guest

    The Predator

    I know the GPV Tech Dave took the Hulu Girl from the Armored 8x8. I know the 8x8 was cut out from the movie but it was in the trailer and even a Movie Poster.
  10. HAPPIEST 46th BIRTHDAY, @Geoff !!! Wishing you a wonderfully special Bday celebration with your girls! ❤
  11. Even a light dusting for AMDFASH is good enough for me. (really hoping they'll keep that title)
  12. Sounds perfect - hope you all have a lovely evening (All good in my little part of the world thanks Geoff!)
  13. Thx. I am in fact taking my daughters to dinner. Hope everyone is safe and well x
  14. Happy birthday Geoff . I hope you have an awesome day.
  15. Thinking about Geoff today and thinking also about that legendary Q&A 2 years ago Happy birthday!
  16. Happy birthday Geoff!! I know that lockdown eased today just so you could actually go out and celebrate so I hope you do just that, in style! Have a great day whatever you do
  17. Well let's just say for now that it's been dusted off....
  18. Lol yeah I gave Thomas a whole bunch of shirts. He got me into Dark a month or so ago. Really good actually.
  19. Excellent pick! Thanks @Rosella. And that T-shirt... I couldn't help thinking about @Geoff. Thank you as well @Thomas Jane for your advice to watch Dark will do !
  20. TJ briefly discussed AMDFASH in this Q&A I found yesterday: Spoiler Country HaHa! Exactly! It seems like he's always years ahead of everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if more westerns get released by other studios, as well.
  21. Rest of the film industry: We don’t make westerns any more Renegades: Screw you lot, we’ll make three! I sooooo hope TJ finally gets to realise his dream with this one
  22. Ooooohhh ... this is amazing ! How do you know? Are you sure it's not a mixup with Murder at Emigrant Gulch? I'd love for both projects to be true.
  23. Thank you so much, Mark!! Niiicccee. Can't wait!
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