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Tim Bradstreet

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Guest AdminGuyX

Mike, nice doodles. I had to chuckled at the oddly shaped head comment. :)


I don't play warhammer, but I really love the game's aesthetic. I'm a fan of armor, rifles, swords, and tanks! Very nice work!


Here are a few new pieces I did for work. We do a lot of event shirts and things for mexican restaurants and bars. We do annual sales for cinco de mayo and we always do something lighthearted and comedic. It's a complete contrast to what I do for myself. Vibrant and loud.


This was the first year I didn't have heavy art direction, and was also allowed to design and colorize the work in photoshop. I had a great time setting this stuff up, and being silly. Usually at work I'm doing much more straight design work, logo creation, and clean up of supplied files for separation.









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Well I'm Getting Into The Duke Nukem Craze Seeing as Duke Nukem FOREVER IS COMMING OUT MAY3rd!


So in honor of that i've decided to draw Duke!


Here it IS! ;)



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Guest AdminGuyX

OK, so I'm re-posting this after a fix. Nothing like seeing an error after you posted the image. :)




Just wanted to throw up a color image more in line with the style of work I love to do, since I don't do much color work. Or haven't previously. I'm changing that, and plan to do a lot more color work.


The cinco images posted above are for the day job, and while I really enjoyed doing them, they're crazy bright. :)

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Nice! Kind of a Give 'em Hell Alien Convict vibe you gave that.




Thanks! I would have used tones, but my lazy ass didn't install them in Manga Studio in time. I dig the 6 Bullets Fast one, I don't see straight black shadows enough.





Part of a weekly sketch challenge I issued to a friend. Is it obvious I was looking at Skottie Young art while drawing this?

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Nice! I'm curious, do you ink digitally or traditionally?


Thanks! I typically ink traditionally, particularly when it comes to comic stuff (just can't let that go). But I do digital stuff often enough. I may scan in a pencil sketch then take it into Illustrator-- especially if I'm doing something "commercial" where I know there'll be arbitrary last minute changes...

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I have a little game with a buddy on Twitter where I asked them what I should sketch, and any details that spring to mind. We've created two so far:


Pretty straight forward.


A tutu wearing zombie named Cletus Pillowtalk.



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