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Tim Bradstreet

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John G, post some of your Shiner (or is it Shiner Monks?) work over here. I checked out your blog and I'm really digging on it. I also loved that piece from The Free Times College Guide, I think the colors do work, btw.

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Guest AdminGuyX

Shit, I forgot Jay!


What I really like about your piece (and I do like the black and white one better, but I'm partial) is the fact that his machete is bigger than his rifle! I know that may sound weird, but it's what struck me first thing, and I thought it was cool.


I disagree that your colors suck though. I think your color work is really good. Now knowing your color blind, I'd even say they are GREAT. :)


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Shit, I forgot Jay!


No problem bud, it happens to me all the time ;)


I modeled the machete after one I have that is pretty good sized compared to a lot I've seen. Glad you liked the piece!


And the colors turned out good because I didn't do the colors-lol. If I had it would have looked like a big fat mess. The colorist is a guy by the name of Marc Borstel. I'll post some colored interiors soon that I just got back from him. This is the first time he's ever colored anything I've drawn so it's been pretty cool seeing what he does with my scribbles.




p.s. oh yeah--your work is excellent, brother!


Some new pages:


Page 1






Page 2






Page 3





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Those pages are awesome, man. They play just as well uncolored as they do colored. You could leave them black and white and they'd be just as powerful!



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I agree, except I think I like em better in black and white. Course, I'm a nut for black and white and I know most people who buy comics want color, but damn, I think you convey just tons of visual story telling in your panels with out it.


Great work man.

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Guest AdminGuyX

Jay, I dig those pulse rifle-esque weapons!


And yeah I dig the black and white pages more, which is to take nothing away from the color work, which is excellent, but it's that kind of crowd around here I guess. :)

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Dig it Bruce, I do love pirate stories. As silly as it sounds I've been a fan of them since I saw THE CRIMSON PIRATE, a 1952 pirate flick with Burt Lancaster. Not even really a very good movie, it was just the pirate thing that was cool, ya know?


And I think that pirates and horror actually go very good together, there seems to have always been something supernatural about pirate stories. For sure they were a very superstisious lot and it makes for great story telling.


Please let me know when it is complete and I'll gladly pick up a copy!

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I completely agree! Pirates definitely were a superstitious bunch and they also

partook in some very horrorific things. When I wrote this, I touch on one key

element that not too many pirate stories ever cover. Actually, none that I can

think of touched this! Ha!

I am hoping to have the book finished in a couple of months and then start

looking to find a home for it. Will definitely let you know when I do!

If you like Pirates and horror, I think you'll find it right up your alley!

Thanks for the kind words!


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Guest AdminGuyX

Well, today I had to return to the fucking dentist and have my follow up root canal. I sat in the chair quite patiently for 2 hours while the dentist dragged a small thin round file in and out of my root canals. The whole time I was thinking "I'm so glad this will be the last I have to do this, and now I just need a crown" only to hear "We're not done" at the end of it. Seems I have a few calcified friggin roots, so they injected me with calcium dissolving crapola, and sealed me back up for a week! :angry:


I felt aweful afterwards, and now I'm still on the dope, but this time it feels like a lefty got in a good shot, and clipped me on the lower part of the jaw. Sore and tender, a little swollen.


So tonight I sat down at the drawing table and just started sketching for cathartic reasons. Ended up with this piece.




Yup, they're hunting dentists!!!!



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It's not like those fools don't deserve it! LET EM HAVE IT! I just went to the dentist last week, he was probing around in my mouth with a pic and said "OOOOO, here's a micro cavity" and proceeded to attempt to push the pick as far in as he could! Which of course made it deeper, and more of a necessity to get fixed.


It's nowhere near the magnitude of your root canal, but I fully endorse your "message".


Good luck!

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This is one of my new drawings.. I'll try an get the older ones uploaded in photobucket, and also my newest one (s).


Really my opinion is that I'm dissipointed with this one.. I dunno why, I just am. I mean it's alright. I've done better though, and I think I could have done better.

I never did a comic page before, so maybe thats why I think I could have done better.

The title, I'm stupid that I didn't think of criminal Macbre's title when I made it, I wasn't thinking of it at the time, and it was in the back of my head I guess so thats why I have a similar title.


If you can't read the text, the script is below.




Panel 1-

(Talk bubble) Drug Boss: "Make sure you check if all the drugs are there."

(Thought rectangle) Punisher: "Drug dealers. Corrupters.. Idiots..."

Panel 2-

(Thought Rectangle) Punisher: "I think it's time to clean the streets again."

(Talk bubble) Drug dealer goonie: "Shouldn't we do this somewhere more privite?"

Panel 3-

(Thought rectangle) Punisher: "It's always something... Usually something stupid."

Panel 4-

(Talk bubble) Drug Boss: "Don't tell me how I should run things around here!! NOW DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A OPINION ON HOW I SHOULD RUN THINGS ROUND' HERE!??

(Thought rectangle) Punisher: "Hmm.. Someone has an Anger-management problem."

(Thought rectangle 2) Punisher: "Now this is where I come in. See? There I am."

Panel 6-

(Talk bubble) Punisher: "I do."

Panel 7-

(Talk bubble) Drug goon 1: "Oh Sh--!!!"

(Talk bubble 2) Drug goon 2: "The Punish--!!!"

(Talk bubble 3) Drug goon 3: "SHOOT HIM----!!!"

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You oughtta upload that thing straight into the thread. Go to http://www.imageshack.us/, upload it there and then get the direct link/url to the pic and paste it onto the thread.



Yeah I know, I have it in photobucket, and none of the codes wouldn't show the pic.. i'll go try imageshack.



I have dial-up so it's very irritating. Very very hard for me to upload things the right way if they are kinda big.

Right now just try and stick lookin at my pics by clickin the links everyone..

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I feel kinda stupid posting this after seeing all the other great work in this section, but here goes. This is a sketch that I did of Thomas' wife, Patricia Arquette, a while back. It's not great, and it doesn't really look all that much like her, but I still like it.





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THERE WE FRIGGIN GO!!! I figured out how to add my pics straight up!

(script for this is above...)


Heres some more of my artwork...




This one is of a character that is basically being under construction with his story by me. SO WHENEVER TIM READS HIS EMAIL. rofl. he won't get to know the story. (just jokin around tim. B) )

But I think he's a pretty badass character, and hopefully soon you guys will be able to see the story to as in comics heh heh.



You know that it's RAW heh. I just hadda do a 300 pic.



Of course wolverine is goin to pop up. I know TL's gonna like this one.



And for the last of few of my drawings. My halloween costume.(yeah I know.. but free candy is free candy heh heh.) Is me as The Punisher.

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Hey, TB, I got a question for you. What kind of training did you have to learn how to draw the way you do? Did you have any formal training, or is all of that just natural talent? How did you learn to do the incredible details that you put in your work? I've tried to do that, but every time I end up hating the finished product, so I tend to lean more toward minimalism in my drawing. (See my drawing in the Show Your Stuff section to see what I mean). I am just not able to draw the little details well. I am just amazed at how realistic and lifelike your work is and how accurately you can depict the models, like Thomas, in your work. How do you do that?


Also, not trying to get you to divulge any trade secrets or anything, but how DO you do that thing you do? I know you use photographs to set up the covers, but when you draw them, what medium do you use? Do you do it all by hand, or is some of it done digitally? Just curious.





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Guest AdminGuyX

Jason, your work is nice and gritty man, I really like the feel of it. I know you're 16, do you have a good art teacher in your high school? Because if you do, I would like to suggest something that really helped me in the portrayal of action and movement. It's called gesture drawing.


As the name implies, you're focusing on expressing movement, and gesture, attitude and style. There are a series of drills, so to speak, that allow you to focus. It's really great practice, and sort of helps you flex your artistic muscles in way you probably never knew you could.


In high school my teacher started an art club (my Mom was in it too, as she was friends with my art teacher) and she would have gesture drawing sessions, models would come in (clothed) and we'd run through different drawing drills and see how well we did, and find places to improve. She invited local professional artists to the class, and thier advice and point of view can offer a lot of growth if you're open to it. I still so a lot of gesture work, but I don't do it as often as I'd like to.


Anyway, a good art teacher is invaluable, and as long as they're at your disposal, use em! If you don't have a good teacher that wants to help the young artists in your school, let me know and I'll point you in the direction of some materials. Maybe I should do that anyway . . .





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