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Tim Bradstreet

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Well... since all mediums are fair game.


I can't draw worth shit... at all. Even stick figures are pushing it.


Though I do like to mess around in PhotoShop... it's a way for me to kill time and relax.


Since I can't draw... I've become a 'Chopper'.


I take images, chop them into bits, and rearrange to make something somewhat new. I'm not exactly great at it, and I'm never gonna become an artist, but it's something I enjoy doing for fun.


Here's the last thing I did (it looks somewhat better if you view it full-size I suppose):




I was shooting for a young Frank Castle before he becomes The Punisher (in modern times).


Everyone here has done brilliant work... I don't have a hope for stacking up against you guys.


I love this, Arsh! Have you ever met TitusPullo over on RS.com? He's a MASTER photochopper and he does some hysterical stuff. You and he could have a "chop-off!" :lol:




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original story interior art.


A new officer has been reassigned to a shit-hole sector of Mars near a mining facility. The guy in the cab comments that it feels to good to see a down-right regular normal human being. The female replies with a comment like,"What makes you think I'm normal?"

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Check this out!


Got an incredible artist turning my hum drum script into something amazing!


Check it out.


Kongs Ronin work


Kongs Ronin Cover


I wonder if Tim and Tom (that sounds like some childrens TV program... "The Adventures of Tim and Tom") want to pick the book up and publish it :-) Maybe Tim would draw a nice pinup for issue 1 ;)


And of course maybe he has a million and 1 better things to do with his time :P



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QUOTE(mediumfan @ Oct 10 2007, 04:11 PM)

I feel kinda stupid posting this after seeing all the other great work in this section, but here goes. This is a sketch that I did of Thomas' wife, Patricia Arquette, a while back. It's not great, and it doesn't really look all that much like her, but I still like it.








That looks great, you did an xcellent job on the nose!


Thanks for the comment. Sorry so long to reply but I just noticed this today. I'm hoping to have some more stuff to post soon.

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Here are some pics from the Rock To Roll show. I designed the poster, backdrop and shirt for the event. Had an awesome time and got to hang out with some great bands.


Click HERE to see the whole set of photos.



Outside the Key Club on Sunset Blvd., my artwork was displayed to all the passers by. Really fucking cool thing to see your work presented to so many people.




Here's the shirt made for the show. For a one-color it turned out really nice.




Seems appropriate.




The backdrop in all its glory. Really stoked to see my art printed so big.


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