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hahaha. Yeah, "resources" was the wrong word. Meant to post "references" such as photos, art books, models, things along those lines.





I don't use referances except for when drawing complicated weapons or if I want to make it look right, most of the time when I have trouble drawing somthing (Muscle Anatomy in the back or positioning of said muscles)


if it's is an arm, I often grab a mirror and imaitate the pose and memorize how it looks, if I ever do use referances it's often photos, Tutorials etc.


other than that nothing really, just what comes to mind

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Thanks noelandlovesguns, they had to restart the 1st round due to software errors and people multi-voting. The 2nd system lock out many votes and allow 1 vote per network only, but people could switch their IP address to vote again, so some of the really good ones were left of the finals sadly.


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First post on this board, really enjoying the site so far.


I'm not a professional artist by any means, but I try to draw as much as I can after work, I guess that kid that use to read all those comics years ago still resides within :P










Silly Cartoon Ideas -








some images from a short story I was working on -





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I know its not the best criticism but its all I got right now.


and everyone on this page is brilliant. I mean, some are more brilliant than others but keep practicing and everyone will eventually be just as brilliant as the next guy.


or something like that.



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Digging this thread!


Here's some of my work.



Pencils by Scott Clark, inks/color flats by Dave Beaty, and colors by me.



Art show invitation by me- watercolor and duo-shade board.



Postcard promo illustration for my comic- Pencils and inks by Dave Beaty, colors by me in Photoshop.



Another promo by Dave and me- it's also the last page of BT#1.



Cover art for BT#3- digital painting by me in Photoshop over Dave's pencils.



CD art by me- done in Freehand.



Sketchcard by me.



A sketch I did for my friend "Frank Castle" at Emerald City Con.



Scott Cranford (Metropolis' Superman) with one of my airbrushed paintings- the Lex beside it is one of mine, too.



Me and Tess Fowler at Cactuscon with my airbrushed painting she won at the HERO Initiative auction.




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I love your drawing of The Bride, neenjah.


Thanks- I love the old Universal monsters. I've done b/w paintings of Frank, Wolfman, Phantom, and London/Lon, and the Bride will be one of my next ones. There are some great old Hollywood style glamor shots of her I'd love to work from.




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Wow- that turned out really sweet, or wicked- well, you know what I mean.


Great job.


Here are a couple I did on the plane to SDCC last week for my friend Tess' nephew Dominic. He's a big Indy and Short-Round fan.




By the look on his face he's not a big fan of my art though... ;)


Oh, and I got one of my cartoons in the SDCC souvenir book-





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This is a splash page from a story that my brother and I hope to get published soon. I like it as a stand alone drawing so I posted it.demon-dinner.jpg I call it Demon dinner.

Ooh! That reminds me of this thing from Star Wars. I forgot the name of it.


Good thread, this.



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