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Warning: Shop talk question for Tom.


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Apologies to other forum members, but professional curiosity has the better of me, and I got to ask.




So I watched the press releases coming out of the IBC the week before last assuming that I would see some annoucement about your 3D work from one of the big NLE players. (Sony, Avid, Apple or Adobe) But nothing dropped. I kind of half guessed that tracking announcements of who had native support for the new Red camera models would give a clue, but nothing. So, I got to ask. (Obviously, if you have an interview with Creative Cow or one of the trades coming up, just drop a clue and I will check in with that.) If not, please drop the other shoe.

  1. Which NLE are you using to execute your 3D projects?


How are you dealing with the shitload of data output from the Red cameras?


Are you still shooting and preserving in raw format? (Making question 2 even more important.)


What did you have to get written to do these projects? (I assumed that you had to pay to get Red support into whatever tools you are using, but again, only Adobe announced new native Red support at IBC, and Apples support is notoriously crappy.)

The last question, totally out of line with the others: This articulated matte work you are doing for chroma key. My only guess is that you seriously overlight from the backside to ensure there are no shadows and you have a consistent color for keying. Willing to give any clues on that?


Again, if you have technical trade press happening for these projects, let me know.



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Hi Joe!


Sorry I'm not Tom, but I pulled up a few articles about Tom shooting Dark Country with the Red camera and wanted to include the links here for you. I don't know if this helps you at all... and I, or other peeps, may have already posted these links in various Dark Country thread elsewhere...


It's all too complicated for me to follow, but here ya go. :lol:


Detailed article on custom-built 3D rigs for the Red and Silicon Imaging cameras:



and short article on SI-2K technology:

"RED has done an amazing job"...




Another article with quotes from Tom:

"For a dedicated 3D buff like Jane, however, there were ways of checking his work in stereo as he went along. “With the Red cameras, we had a live image in stereo—we had a monitor on the camera so we could put on polarized glasses and see the image, which was really great,” he recalls..."




I'm sure there's more info out there online already, but this is what I found right now.




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Those links were great! I really appreciate your effort. The only things not covered were the custom software they had to have written and the articulated matte for keying. Great articles though that answered the majority of my questions, and I have tagged the sites for future review.


Thank you!



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I just wanted to add that there's an audio Interview online at MarketSaw.com where Tom goes highly in-depth about technical processes on Dark Country. Here's the link:



Most of thes links that I've posted here, I've already posted to my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group long ago, and possibly to the Dark Country threads at this Forum. A good way to keep up to date with what Tom's doing is to join my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group if you haven't already. You can even search the Messages there to find info you might have missed. Just FYI. :)




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