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Colourist needed for Hero Intiative Charity Book


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I'm not sure if your familiar with "The Hero Initiative". If you're not there's some info here http://www.heroinitiative.org/


An anthology of stories is being published by Ronin Studios. I've written a short for it and the artist, is hammering away with the pages and we were looking for a talented and or pro colourist to make the already fantastic pages perfect. So it's an open call for colourists (colorists :-p) If you're interested in some charity work then P.M me.


I have to make you aware that as this is for Charity all you'd get for your work is credit, publicity (not that you need it) and hopefully some warm fuzzy feelings form helping with a good cause.ask you.


So there you go, to prove it's legit here's all the info from the Ronin site


Ronin Home - http://www.ronin-studios.com

Ronins Forum Thread for Hope : The Hero Initiative - http://forums.ronin-studios.com/showthread.php?t=7857

Kongs thread with his rough pencils - http://forums.ronin-studios.com/showthread.php?t=8112

Kongs Personal Blog - http://kongsart.blogspot.com/


Thanks for taking the time to look



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Ok, update time!


The Words, Pencils and Colours are done!!


Words me.


Pencils (and inks) Kong - Kongs Blog


Colours - Nic Chapuis - Nics Deviant Art Page


Kong some positive feedback from Mr Bradstreets old partner in crim Steve Niles.


So keep an eye out for "Hope : The Hero Initiative" from Ronin, a charity book that will hopefully do some good for some of the old and less fortunate greats of the biz.


More info as it comes.

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thanks Irish. I'll let you know when it's out so you can do your bit and buy a copy :P


Cool, please do.


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