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Depth Of Field Podcast Episode 10

Tim Bradstreet

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We're back!

Just scant days after the arrival of Co-host Tom Racine's new baby girl we finally got together for the first episode of our second season.

We cleared the cobwebs off our equipment and chipped the rust off our speaking voices for this episode which primarily deals with a wrap-up of '08 summer movies, a little Comicon recap and a preview of just some of the films we will be seeing next year.


Also, a bonus mini-episode by Tom Racine featuring his interview of Tom Jane at Comicon '08


You can find the goodies right here ---> RAW Multimedia - The Depth Of Field Podcast with Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine.


If you don't see the second season listed be sure to refresh your browser.

Episode will also be available for download from Itunes.


Talkback welcome.


- TB


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One stone equals fourteen pounds. Talking in pounds sounds a lot better.


Racine made me laugh out loud when you guys were talking about Devil's Commandos for a bit and he slipped in Satan without his underpants. And then again when you guys were talking about Batman's voice and he slipped in a bit of a Slavic accent as an alternative. You guys are a crack-up.

Only thing is, now I'm going to be wondering until whenever, about what you wanted to say about In Bruges.



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