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Give 'em Hell Malone


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Hmmmm, Toronto is a lot closer to Minnesota than France...


Glad to hear that things with the poster are going well. Anytime they even entertain the idea of doing a balls out cool as hell poster is good news. Fingers crossed and saying an extra prayer for it to happen ;)



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Yes, it looks like the almighty trailer God has thrown his lightening bolt at my arse to edit the trailer. Trailers are one of the less painful things I do to make rent money. Alas, one can't write and write alone with a baby on the way. IF I'm allowed to use non-cleared music, you better believe which song I'm gonna use...



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Yes, it looks like the almighty trailer God has thrown his lightening bolt at my arse to edit the trailer. Trailers are one of the less painful things I do to make rent money. Alas, one can't write and write alone with a baby on the way. IF I'm allowed to use non-cleared music, you better believe which song I'm gonna use...




"Rocket Man"?

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Someone's gonna post it eventually so it might as well be me. Hosack tipped me to this 20 minutes ago.




I'll post the real art to these pages when I get some time tomorrow.


They couldn't decide which one to axe so they are doing BOTH posters.

Our prayers have been answered.

Hallelluhja or however the fuck you spell it.


- TB

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These posters are SO COOL!!!


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I can't wait to see your, how did you put it? "real art?" for these posters...it's gonna be KILLER man! Has that trailer been tweeked abit since my last viewing?

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OK, so here is the art posted to our native thread.

As I alluded to before, I'm rather shocked that the studio decided to go ahead with this direction knowing how adamant they were about full color and showing off their co-stars, Ving, Elsa, and Chris.

That's how this job started, trying to incorporate all those characters into one all encompassing image.

Obviously this whole thing evolved during the process ;)


Not sure if Hannibal leaked these or what. All I know is that we spent yesterday doing final tweaks and approvals, I haven't even sent them a disc yet for the printer. I mean we literally didn't get all this worked out until around 8:00pm PST and already by 10:00pm they were on the net.

Too bad. I was hoping we could give AICN or Filmschoolrejects an exclusive and really start a brush fire. Oh well.


So yeah, by jumping the gun the image you've seen isn't totally finished. I made some adjustments after the fact, subtle adjustments but I'm sure you can find at least one difference -




And the thing is, I may still be doing something fairly drastic to this image. We'll find out today.


Then there's THIS badboy . . .

After we'd gone a few rounds with the photoshopped heads concept and decided that it wasn't really working, everything came to a standstill.

Russell Mulcahy came to the rescue. He saw the photoshop heads thing that was on the verge of being approved and even uploaded and was not happy with the direction. He phoned me and asked me if I did the image. I said 'yes'. He said this doesn't even look like your work. I said 'I know, this is what they want, I've tried battling for the pop noir image (shown a few pages earlier here) and have tried to sell them on something more art or graphic oriented but they're standing pat. The investors want color photos.' Russell said "Let me call them, this isn't the film at all". We had a short chat about what it should be, then I crossed my fingers. While waiting to hear what the outcome of Russell's conversation would be I moved forward without direction, just inspired by the things that Russell and I thought this should be. The result was what I like to call my ode to Scorcese's Mean Streets, which would make much more sense if I was showing you my first pass. I'll show that a little later.


I never in my wildest dreams thought they'd go for it. This was exactly what they didn't want. But in the end I think they realized that strong graphic imagery would be the key to getting this small film noticed, at least at this stage. I kept preaching 'Make a statement', it's not going to happen if you do what everyone else does. You have to do something bold. I can't remember what year it was when I last saw a film poster image quite in this vein.

As I said before, Hallejullia! (Which I think I've spelled correctly this time).


The working title of this thing was Malone - Bianco (White) Noir.




BIG thanks to Russell and Thomas for getting behind these.

It could not have happened without their extremely valuable input.

Color me JACKED!


- TB

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Great story Tim. I'm glad that the suits are seeing the light, or at least giving it a shot. Like you said, making a statment can not be done by doing the same as everyone else.


Mark, how cool is it that you get to edit the trailer for your own film? Do they give you a list of shots to put in, or do you get to make that choice?


Malone can not get out fast enough :D

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Don't let me sway any of you.

If you haven't posted a reaction yet then please at least comment on the White Noir poster, your honest thoughts.

The brass at Hannibal have been getting some predictable negative reaction from other execs, and their overseas buyers.

Complaining that there is no color!


As I said, predictable.

They (not Hannibal) are more in favor of giving fans the same spoonfed crapola that they've been serving up for years.

Some people only want to play it safe.


I'm sending all comments to the execs at Hannibal.

Let the FANS speak.

YOU are the one's who really count at this stage. Not the investors (bless them one and all).


This is an opportunity for YOUR voice to be heard.


Thanks - TB

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How the hell could they not see the obvious about these posters?


My theater of choice is an MJR movie plex like 2 blocks from my house.


I walk into MJR on a Friday or Saturday, and the poster that is going to jump off the wall and get my attention is either one of those MALONE posters...and it is BECAUSE of the BLACK and WHITE. They are going to stand out in a sea of photoshop hollywood close ups.


I love them both, either one hanging on the wall...better yet one of those 14 foot banners hanging from the ceiling...at the MGR is going to get attention. Currently at my theater there is not one poster that moves me to walk up to it and get interested.



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Honestly, even if it was not your work, the thing about the White Noir poster is the fact that the white and black make a stark impression, then you have those large red lips pulling it all together so you get to see the title, Jane, the gun and shells, and the top of the car.


The whole car is there, but what I'm getting at is that my eyes are pulled to the center of the poster immediatly and I'm getting visuals of stuff I want and it's hitting hard (that stuff being sex/violence/cars without being cheesy and overdone)


It's a hell of a lot better that looking at a line up of the cast or pics from the film scattered all over the sheet with nothing to conect them. Looking at this I'm getting a good idea of what the film is and nothing is given away. It's doing what good tailers do, sell you on the film without giving away the surprises.


Anyone who would have put this together I would give a big thumbs up, but as it is, it's you Tim. I think it's solid.

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Guest AdminGuyX

Come on now. These are too good. These are just too damn cool to be real.


I love them both. The first poster with the photo is really cool, but it does NOT hold a candle to the power in poster #2. I have to have that one on my wall.


I really dig the shoulder holster rig, and the pose in poster 1. It gives the shirt a really cool textural quality. Sucks you right into the world he's standing in, and you can't help but wonder what he's thinking, and what he's about to do.


BUT, that second poster is a nice bloody rare steak. It's fucking amazing Tim. The urgency in Malone's features, the fierce angles of the image, the way the car is incorporated into the design is just pure elegance. It's a dangerous poster man. It's certainly eye catching, and unforgettable. I keep scrolling back up to your post just to look at it and grin.


Now . . . everyone imagine that in a theater lobby among a slew of earth toned, silvery posters with giant heads meshed together.


Your eye is going RIGHT to that poster. No question about it. It's going to stand out, and I just love that. I love the idea of seeing these posters in theater lobbies.


The lipstick, the use of red. I'm usually the first person to frown at this kind of color scheme, but as usual my friend you make it stand up and dance.


One more thing I love about poster 2. Malone's TIE. It's a small thing that makes a big impact. The texture of the tie looks really cool. WHO did the wardrobe? That's one of Tom's ties, isn't it?








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