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Bob McGinnis


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I know this thread is ancient but I'm new here!

My Guiness is awesome. I've been trying to get my hands on that documentary for a year. It's sold out everywhere. I did get my hands on a copy of Tapestry, a collection of his stuff. Amazing.


I bought 21 Down when they came out initially because the covers completely kicked ass, the story really won me over though I was bummed when it was bagged.

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Always thought this piece was awesome. It would look great framed and hung up on a wall... & big, really big1zce0cl.jpg

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It's the same one Noland mentioned long ago (originally posted by Joe)... love it !


Got another link to that image?

Anybody know where to find that Doc?


The not so little tech-thingy this place had earlier this week seemed to have bounced it & now is only able to show up much smaller, oh well (getting a clearer picture of Thomas' SOS)... reposted it- fixed. :^]



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