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  1. 1. Which choice best applies to you?

    • I am impressed with the trailers, the ultra violence, and I HAVE to see this film!
    • I am not completely sold by the content I've seen but I'm still interested enough to see this film when it opens.
    • I'm not too impressed with any of it and I'll be skipping this film at the Box Office.
    • I was sold hook, line, and sinker from day one.
    • I love the Punisher, but am leery of this re-boot.
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Guest FADoss
i'll be skipping this one at the box office. i'm 35, and have been a Punisher fan since i was a kid, actually had his first appearances in Spider-Man.


i was curios, but i'll be skipping this one out of respect to Thomas.


May have said this before, but Ray Stevenson may be a great actor, and Lexi Alexander may have put together a cool movie, but i am very not happy with LGF and the fact that they let Thomas walk away because he apparently had too much respect for the character.


That is an attitude I can salute.



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I know watching this will be like watching SAW meets Scary Movie.


The theatre will be flooded with the "Ohhhhhhhhhs" and the "Damnnnnnnnnnnnnns".


And of course a great deal of laughter in between those two.





If the film is good or not, it doesn't matter (at least for this part of the film going experience) You've nailed it as to what it will be like to sit through this film. I'm still pissed off then a group of teenagers did the exact same thing during History Of Violence when Viggo defends his cafe. Maybe one day they'll instal headphones... ;)

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