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Should Tim Bradstreet take over Wolverine?  

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So Street's next project takes him back to The Immortal Adamantium Man.


"I am working on a Wolverine cover for the X-Mas Special as we speak."


I am loving this.


punishervolvi16tj6.jpg---> punishervolvi17gk9.jpg


Ever since Leandro Fernandez was told to take a hike from Wolverine after issue #11 of the current series, the covers really went downhill.


They got Logan back in his colorful outfit just in time for CIVIL WAR and so fuckin involved with the X-Men it oughta be called X-MEN: WOLVERINE instead of just Wolverine.


The second series ended on a great note provided by the AMAZING Esad Ribic's covers that in just 8 issues (#s 181 - 189) revived the series to a whole new height by making them gritty and real. In alotta ways comparable to Street's take on The Punisher sans the ultra contrast and heavy outlining.


*Ironically a 2 issue Punisher story arc named First Round that Street covered (featured above), had its third act and conclusion in Wolverine #186.


Ribic went on to do the first 6 issues of the 3rd series in 2003 and then Fernandez took over with some EPIC takes on the Jackman based Wolverine.


Nods to Apocalypse Now and X2 were very pronounced in his 5 issue run.


For issue #55, The Death Of Sabretooth, MARVEL decided to put out a variant cover to emulate both Jackman and the dry realism the forementioned artists brought to the series' opening.


I don't know if it was the impact of the story or just a random thought by the editor, but it brought hope to the idea of getting Wolverine back into the wild again.


No lie, Tim Bradstreet was the first name that popped in my head - specifically because at that point he had already announced his departure from The Punisher.


Street's encountered the century old mutant before, and I feel he can do him justice after nearly 60 issues of kiddie bullshit.


Now Street, the floor is all yours...



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Unfortunately this is just one book, one cover, the Wolverine Christmas Special.

But you never know. Maybe it will lead to a small run, an arc, or a Wolverine Mini.

I was actually offered the cover job for Wolverine once before but I was too entangled to take it on (as much as I wanted to).

Ribic took the reigns and did it right.


What I hope for is a convergence. Axel Alonso was a big fan of my recent run of Scalped covers.

He mentioned how much he'd like to find a project to make perfect use of that style.

A heavy duty Wolverine mini could be it. We'll see. We don't want to force that high contrast, gritty-hard illustration technique on just anything.

But Wolverine is a character that seems ripe for it.


As for this cover specifically, I did it more in my late MAX Punisher run style.

I did the figure separately from the background as I intend to re-work the cover without the Christmas theme for a limited giclee artist proof.


I'll throw everyone here a look at it as soon as I can.

Just have to wait for Marvel to show that thumbnail in their catalogue.



- tB

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This is Esad Ribic's conclusion to Street's First Round...




MARVEL shouldn't even allow anybody to do Wolverine and Punisher covers that isn't named Esad Ribic, Tim Bradstreet, Paolo Rivera or Leandro Fernandez.


*Then again, Simone Bianchi impressed the hell outta me with this...





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Its a 3 issue Punisher/Wolverine cross-over called First Round.


It starts in issues 16 and 17 of Punisher: Marvel Knights and ends in Wolverine #186.


Street did the first two covers as part of his Punisher run, and Ribic did the third cover as part of his Wolverine run.


There's a TPB that I believe collects all three.


*Funny thing, in that same Punisher: Marvel Knights series there was a story arc named The Brotherhood that Street did the covers for.


The first story arc of Wolverine Vol. II is named The Brotherhood and the covers were done by Esad Ribic.


I think those two have a rendezvous with destiny...



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The Bradstreet Wolverine Saga has begun.




I gotta say I was a bit skeptical of what Street's take on Wolverine was gonna be having such amazing predecessors like Ribic, Fernandez and Bianchi.


That cover has once again proven to me that Tim Bradstreet is the best at what he does.


The man knows how to make somethin badass MORE badass.


I'll definetely pick this up as soon as it hits.


The cover is very reminiscent of Miller's original 4 issue miniseries, specifically issue #3...




Bravo Street.



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there really isnt even a need for the poll ;) .........your a fantastically gifted artist, and i can see the sales are going to pick up for the furry one with your art on the cover....

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The cover is very reminiscent of Miller's original 4 issue miniseries, specifically issue #3...




Ah, yes, thanks a ton TL. That's a nice compliment, but you have only seen a small bit of the cover so far . . .

More will be revealed ;)


- TB


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Nothing quite so dynamic as what Esad did with it.

I had some shots I took about 5 years ago of a pal of mine.

We were just messing around and didn't try anything too ambitious.

I had a cool shot that worked for what they wanted.


If I coulda started from scratch I'd have gone all out but they needed the cover fast.

IF they decide they want more I will make a run at what my brother Esad produced in a BIG mutherfucking way.

Maybe we would even jam on a piece or two.

Esad has long been one of my bestest pals in the industry and I'd love to work with him.


We've also talked about being tag-team wrestling partners.



- TB

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  • 3 weeks later...

OMG that's fantastic! Tim! Christmas cards! I swear if you did an image of Frank Castle on a similar background I'd use them for Season's Greetings! The pic could be of Frank just destroying somebody and the text in the card something like, "May the peace and joy of the season be yours."





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I knew my editor would love the irony of the the message in the background ;)

The model in question is my pal Jim Schifeling, who owns and operates the best comic shop in Central Illinois, Acme Comics in Normal.

I've known Jim since we met at an after hours party back in the early 90's when he was a college goer and I was hanging in the scene.

We go way back. About 4 years ago Jim was sporting the "Logan" look, partly to promote his store, partly cause he looked pretty cool with the chops and the crazy mane. I was back in town for the Holidays and had done some photo shoots with my Punisher model Tom E, so I figured why not pop over to Jim's and get some Wolvie shots. Actually it was around this time that my editor, Axel Alonso asked if I wanted to take over doing Wolverine (The covers Ribic ended up doing), so this was more of a photo test to see if Jim could handle the part.

I think it would have worked out wonderfully but alas, my schedule dictated otherwise and I had to pass on the gig.


After the SDCC show this past July I got a call from Axel wondering if I had any interest in doing the cover for the Wolverine Christmas Special. I had a hole in my schedule and some interesting photo ref I'd never used ;) so naturally I said yes.


Jim is actually pretty perfect for the role these days since he's a bit older. I told Axel that if he has any thoughts of me doing some new Wolverine covers he had to give me a few months notice so Jim can grow back all that hair ;) Now that Punisher is off my schedule I'd love to do Wolverine. We'll see, maybe someday.


Now that it seems clear Marvel has released the image I'll post a slightly better jpeg in my Hot Off The Boards thread.


- TB

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