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Cormac McCarthy's The Road

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I am very, very much anticipating The Road. I love the book, and the movie looks to be shaping up well.


The posters are pretty cool. Just missing the shopping cart. After every page in the book, I kept expecting them to lose that damn cart at some point...

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Anyone see this yet? I was terribly disappointed. In anticipation of the release, I just showed THE PROPOSITION to the DP I was working with in San Francisco last month. He was blown away. It was only my second viewing having initially seen in theatrically and it's just as good as the first viewing.


I was really disappointed that while I was gone, I missed 2 preview screenings of THE ROAD, including a Q & A screening.


But I saw it today and I was bored, disengaged, and disappointed. There are some good sequences and the acting is solid. Loved Duvall, but then I always love Duvall. The film sort of heads in a direction, but it's very aimless and made me wonder why Viggo didn't just put a bullet in his son's head and then his own.


I really had high expectations.


Sad that I was more entertained and more satisfied by new trailers for BOOK OF ELI and THE CRAZIES than this flick.


I've seen 9 films since returning from San Fran on the 19th and I've been disappointed by most of them. Really enjoyed THE BLIND SIDE and THE MESSENGER. Pretty entertained by BAD LIEUTENANT PORT OF CALL: NEW ORLEANS.


I don't think it's me, I think it's been a really mediocre year. So far there are only 5 films that deserve to be on my top 10 list.


If you've seen THE ROAD, please weigh in and tell me if you think I'm crazy.

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