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The Punisher: WarZone

Tim Bradstreet

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the one and only saving grace in the Maple Leafs stinking tonight, made me tune into COPS and saw the WARZONE trailer!...and ahhh, looks even awesome-r-er-er.


yeah the tv spots are all looking a hell of a lot better then the trailers

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I'm wondering about the Marvel Knights logo. I just looked it up on Wiki. If what I read is wrong, feel to correct me.


Marvel Knights is a logo used to describe comics with more adult content. And the MAX line has even MORE adult themes and content than Marvel Knights.


So that makes it all the more confusing! If THIS film is based on the MAX version, why not use the MAX logo?



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His name was Budiansky? I don't remember his name being that in the comics. Silly me.




Yeah Agent Paul Budiansky. His wife was shot in front of him and he went nuts and shot the hell out of the thug who shot his wife. If I remember correctly, Budiansky was tried because he didn't shoot the thug in self defense. Something along though lines.


I remember one of Castle's quotes saying "Try walking a mile in his shoes" In reference to them asking why Budiansky shot the thug soo many times. I think his story is something along those lines, I'm gonna have to pull out the comics and check it again. I only read it once seeing as how it's not even an old series.




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Yeah he was a detective you are correct. For those of you who haven't read the Widowmaker yet, I'll just put a spoiler code in here....



Castle and Budiansky did have an interaction at the very end of the Widomaker. After there was only one "widow" left for Castle to kill, Budiansky was also looking for her. Believe it or not, I believe the character he was looking to kill was Angela Donatelli.... she was bad in the series as opposed to the movie. Anyways, Budiansky was looking for her and he ran into Castle and threatened to shoot Castle if he didn't get out of his way. Castle then came back with "You want to be me?" and that was that. A bad ass line from Castle I think.



So yeah anyways.....

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