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OSS 117

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I am so ready for something clever and fresh.


OSS 117 looks to be it.

I friend of mine who's taste in film I find to be impeccable turned me on to this recently.


Judging from the trailer this film looks to be oh so fun, complete with rear screen projection, intentionally bad (dated) miniatures, check out the poster for more ;)

The colors are that wonderful early 60's technicolor palette, slightly muted. The costumes and suits, etc, look spot on, like I'm watching a recently unearthed print of To Catch A Thief.

Equal parts James Bond (of the early 60's era), and Blake Edwards' Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Judging from the way this film has played in Europe the film makers hit it right on the head.


Check the trailer - OSS 117 - Cairo, Nest Of Spies




Just not into foreign films? Shame on you.

I'm anxiously waiting for it to come to San Diego.



- TB

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I recently got it on bluray from france, and it is stunning. The photography and production design make it the best looking 60's spy thriller never made and the script and performances are as sharp as they are silly. It's so accurate in it's recreation of those films that it works as a flawless homage as well as a spoof. Jean Dujardin as agent oss 117 is indeed (as tim says) equal parts james bond and inspector clouseau and he is hilarious...I have to check out more of this guys stuff.


This film is impeccable and hugely entertaining. THIS is how you do a spoof. I'd go as far as saying this is the best spoof movie since mel brooks heyday with blazing saddles and young frankenstein




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There you have it.

Spread the word about this film and try to go see it if you can.

It's in limited release so it's only playing in a few cities.

Here is a link to those locations -http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0464913/cinemashowtimes


It looks like it was released in France in 2006 and is only now creeping it's way into our Stateside presence.

Also, as Allcock says, You can buy it on DVD provided you have the technological capacity to play Region 2 data.




The Pride of French Intelligence, actor Jean Dujardin @ Gaumont, Grand-Quevilly | 10.04.2006 (Set)



Thanks for the intel brother D.

- TB

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