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I finally just checked out that second trailer . . .

. . . And I'm in the "weird" camp too.

This seems like a very bizarre update on the classic Spirit.

There are a few things I love about what I saw, specifically the shot of Spirit leaping the rooftops, that was cool.

But the rest of it leaves me somewhat cold. It feels rather hollow which is a drawback to filming green screen to such a degree.

I've seen it done very well and this is slick and all but it's also lacking to me.

Sam Jackson stuff just looks silly.

I may be skipping this theatrically unless there is good word of mouth.

And I never thought I'd be saying that about a Spirit movie directed by Frank Miller.

I'm going to need a lot more convincing.


- TB

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I never read The Spirit, the Octopus was jsut a seen as a pair of gloves in the comics from what I've come to understand. So, I love to know what went on in Frank Millers Head when he decided that the character should look like he's the grand marshal of a gay pride parade.

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I've heard interveiws where Frank says this is going to be very faithful, and I've heard other where he talks about having to take liberties with the characters and the story. I'm kind of on the fence with this one, which is very dissapointing to me. Even Frank's lesser works I've come to love. But then again, Frank is a mad gienious, so I'll be waiting in line when this comes out.


Though, I do have to say, other than the Nazi outfit, I'm not feeling Sam in this one.

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I've read nearly every issue of Will Eisner's Spirit. Been a fan for 23 years. This looks so disappointing. I love Frank Miller too but this looks... dismal. I'm not even sure I liked seeing Miller's obvious lift of the tunnel scene from the end of "The Third Man". What is this movie and what happened to the real Will Eisner parts? I know it's only a trailer but as trailers go this has me upset. Too bad most people that see this movie will have no idea of Eisner's Spirit. Ick.

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Guest FADoss



I read for a role on this one and the limited part of the script that I saw was pretty Eisner. The trailer doesn't do much for me on it though...


Also, looking at the big standee at the movie theater the other day, very small letters mentioning Eisner. Used to be a big part of the title...



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hmmmm, I think Joe hit on the thing that has been nagging me about this film. It really does come across as anything but Eisner-ish, and I think with the successes of Sin City and 300 that it is very much on purpose... I think it is being made with the Miller crowd in mind, not the Eisner crowd.We'll see, I hope Fred is correct.


I was totally NUTS for the printed versions, but I was not a big fan of 300 or Sin City at the cinema so I really hope the hype is true and this is not Sin City 2...the trailer just reeks of it.

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Guest AdminGuyX

AICN has a review posted up today.


I think I'll HATE this film the way TL HATES Punisher War Zone.


I just got back from an advanced screening of “The Spirit” here in Vegas. According to the people hosting the screening, we were the first audience to ever view the film, and that the eventual theatrical release would have some changes.

Now, I’m a fan of the Spirit comics and Frank Miller (Born Again is easily one of my top 5 comics of all-time), so I was intrigued to see if Miller was going to pull this off. If he did this as a comic, I’d expect the modern way over-the-top Miller that we’ve been getting on All-Star Batman, but would that be how he’d portray his friend’s character on the big screen, for people who have never even heard of The Spirit before?


The answer is that the picture he made is closer to the movie “Shoot ‘em Up” than anything Miller or Eisner have done before (That means no “I’m the Goddamn Spirit”).


The violence is very over the top and cartoony in a Looney Toons style. The first fight, for instance, which takes place after an extended version of the “City is my Mother and Lover” roof-jumping scene we’ve all seen in the trailer, consists of Spirit and the Octopus beating the crap out of each other in a pond by pulling all sorts of weapons and blunt objects out of the water and bashing each other with them.


At one point, The Octopus, laughing hysterically and rambling about he and the Spirit have some kind of connection, pulls out a toilet and smashes it over the Spirit, getting him stuck in the seat. Scenes like this usually start off kind of funny, but go on for way too long.


So, how’s the plot?


The Octopus, along with Silken Floss and three Louis Lombardi's, attempt to steal two mysterious cases. Octopus gets one, but Sand Saref manages to get away with another in a showdown that leaves one cop almost dead.


Saref is blamed for the cop’s state, but Spirit believes otherwise after he finds her locket in the unconscious cop’s hand. The locket reveals a past connection between the two (Spirit and Saref’s past and originals are told throughout the movie in a series of flashbacks that I found it be one of the more interesting parts if the film).


Spirit must then find Saref before anyone else does and find his nemesis, the Octopus. Seref is also tracking the Octopus, who in turn is trying to find her to get the vase back. It turns out the case has a Vial of Hercules’ blood, which can turn the Octopus (or the Spirit) into a God if drank.


Now let’s talk about the good.


The movie looks GREAT. Miller uses pretty much the same style used on “Sin City,” except with more color. Gabriel Macht does a good job playing the Spirit. He hits on pretty much every girl he meets in the film, but the actor manages to pull that off without seeming sleezey.


If you like Sam Jackson when he’s turned up to 11, you’ll probably like him here, turned up to 15. He’s way over the top, but pretty funny throughout.


Eva Mendez is smoking hot and does a good job playing a “tough dame;” sexy and strong. Ellen Dolan, played by Sarah Paulson and Commissioner Dolan, played by Wonder Years’ Dan Lauria, were well developed and well acted.


Now the bad.


The scenes, all of them, seem a little bit too long. Hopefully this is just because it was a rough cut of the film.


The dialogue was beyond cheesy, which some people may love, but I though they took it a bit too far. And the scenes with Lorelei Rox, who is a Death/Grim Reaper character, were confusing both by the intent and visually.


As of now, I'd give the movie a 'C,' but I think it could easily be edited to a ‘B’ by the time it’s released.


I don't need to see this to know I will despise it for every single second I'm watching it.


Frank Miller, one of the men who has so oft bashed hollywood for the changes they make during adaptations becomes what he hates the most. Or hated.

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Guest FADoss

Mixed feelings on that review Noeland. Everything sounds right except for the over-the-top violence.


What I'd like to know is whether the author LIKED Shoot Em Up?


The cheesy dialogue sounds Eisner and some of the story sounds straight from Eisner's work. Macht also sounds like he nailed the character...


May catch this one on DVD...


Again, everything I've auditioned for and didn't make it on...falls off my must see list. Bitterness I guess...




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I have TOTAL mixed feelings about this film.

I'm not ready to jump on Miller's bandwagon as a director just yet.

This film will be a huge factor.

I'm not really excited about seeing it in the theater but there is still some time for me to get more excited about it. The trailer just turns me way off.

I just see none of Eisner's touch on this and to me that is largely disappointing.

I was hoping that what Frank would do is give The Spirit the same honest visual treatment that Rodriguez gave Miller's Sin City -

Where shots looked like frames from the actual books. Eisner was the master at storytelling composition.

I saw a taste of it on one of the posters, I saw a taste of it in the rooftop sequence. Aside from those two examples the rest of what I've seen looks like Sin City with more color. And to me that is hugely disappointing.

A lot of this looks like high octane silly.

To be fair I need to see a bit more, but still . . .

I wonder what Eisner would think?



- TB

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What I've seen looks like Sin City with more color. And to me that is hugely disappointing.


I have to agree.


The film seems to look exactly like Miller's Hell and Back, which was the last Sin City story he put out and which was done completely in color.


It looks and feels like major acid ingestion.


Maybe that's the movie he shoulda done instead.


Johnny Depp was interested in playing Wallace.




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Guest FADoss

That fight scene...




THAT is a COMIC BOOK MOVIE TL, in the way you seem to refer to them. Though it looks like a what if David Lynch did a comic book movie scene? :) And we all know how much I love David Lynch...





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From the link's talkback, I got a laugh out of this one, authored by "BP" -


"I predict this movie will be an epic fail. I love Miller’s work but the trailers actually made me uninterested in it and the photos are very bland. So far the doctor’s office is the only location I’ve even seen. Everything just has a black foggy background. Completely uninteresting. The ropes in pic 7 look terrible too, it bugs me to look at them." - BP


It saddens me to say that I agree with pretty much everything he said.

If this movie sucks ass and it still makes money and is successful I'm going to scream.


I'm still hoping that this stuff is just unfinished looking and it won't be like watching a play on the big screen, complete with Sam Jackson's ludicrous wardrobe.



- TB


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From UGO:





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Oh God, Miller is going senile.


Looks like a midget shot the Spirit in the second poster. Is Billy Barty or Peter Dinklage in this movie?


Jackson looks like he's dressed up as a Tibetan Glam Rock star.


This movie looks like ass.


Oh where have you gone Will Eisner... We miss you now more than ever.



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