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And the verdict is in...


DECEPTION earned itself 3rd and last place on this weekend's premiering films box office list.


Baby Mama, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's comedy got 1st place with a rounded $18.5 Million while Harold and Kumar's sequel Escape From Guantanamo Bay came in 2nd with $14.5 Million.


Hugh Jackman's suspense thriller made a mere $2,225,000 that I hope will quadruple in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully by the time the film is pulled after 4 weeks it can garner $30 Million to double its original budget.



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Ok, my box office prediction for DECEPTION was off.




After 2 weeks in theatres, Hugh Jackman's sexy and sleek thriller only managed to double its weekend gross with $4.1 Million.


I wouldn't be surprised if FOX pulls this thing by Friday. I'm gonna go watch it a second time before its gone.


*This is definetely a film worth watching in the big screen. Its DVD release CANNOT and WILL NOT replicate the in-theatre atmosphere that made it so fun for me to watch.


Watch DECEPTION guys, before its gone.



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So the date has been set, for DECEPTION's DVD release date.


September 23


I know very few here on RAW actually stopped by the theatre to check out Hugh Jackman's latest film in May, but now here' your chance to check it out!




The "R" rated thriller did poorly at the Box Office - grossing an estimated $5 Million. The main reason for that was the release date it was given - just one week before IRON MAN.


Further evidence that smaller interesting films get buried under big summer blockbusters when put together.


The film was a failed first blood for SEED (Jackman's production company) but with their next project, a little movie called X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I don't think it'll matter.


Keep an open eye for the DVD in September guys,





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