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Enki Bilal


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Hello forum,

Enki Bilal is a french graphic novel artist and movie director. I am not an historian, neither a biograph, so please have a look here to know more about him: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enki_Bilal

I could show you, however, why I like his work so much. Let's start with Exterminator 17, since the book is just a few months younger than me. I remember reading/watching it a young age, it could have been between 7 and 10. I don't think I was able to really understand what I saw. But I know that this book was fascinating me, as if I had entered a new world and I got aware of the power of imagination. It was a dark tale, quite violent and although I knew it was not meant for me to read, I also immediately knew that this type of books and novels (broadly, sci-fi) would accompany me my life long.

As a teenager I caught up with the Nikopol Trilogy and Blue Blood. The inclusion of the egyptian gods is inventive and beautifully done.

Unfortunately I haven't read the most recent books from Enki yet.






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