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Bad Planet #3 in stores!

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My God! I just picked up Bad Planet #3 and I've never read a comic book in my life. I'm into Dave McKean and Johann Vasquez, and Roman Dirge but that's it. So I can't speak as to comic aesthetics but the shear vividness of the 3-D in this piece just blew me out of this whirl-d!


Bradstreet and Niles- to call you a genius would be an insult. This production makes geniuses look retarded.




A work of art would be an understatement. I felt guilty leaving Forbidden Planet on Broadway with this masterpiece of science and art for only $3.99 It took them awhile to find it cause they thought I said 'Bat Planet' which I'm assuming is not an unreasonable request at a comic shop.


Anyways, this belongs in a museum guys. I have seen some heavy 3-D material before like Ryan Geiss and Andy 'o Meara's digital 3-D audio visualizer prgrams- i've even spaced on Alphonso Mucha's 19th century lithographs with 3-D glasses (though it wasn't engineered specifically for it- it takes into another dimension! A dimension beyond the number 3)


If anyone haven't gotten this yet- shut off your computer right now and hop in your car and get it or order it. If you don't have cash- rip out your spleen or liver and plop it on the counter. It be worth at least $3.99


And no- I'm not some publicity nconditional comic freak ass-kisser- I actually am hypercritical- especially of Thomas Jane and I gots to say- this book is the motherfuckin' shit. But then what do I know? I'm just some asshole who hates Patricia Arquette.


Look what Thomas's wife did!




Think you could make a comic out of that? Or better yet- 3D-ize it?



I'm probably preaching to the converted so RAW! make Bad Planet more accessible for people OUT there.


and I would like to see a 'Good Planet' in the future sometime...


-"you don't need a masterplan to ruin the world"







I just got Bad Planet #2 & #3 and all I can is OH.MY.GOD. What in holy heck have you guys done?!!!!


To quote sveinx, to say that this is GENIUS would be an insult. I have never seen anything like this before!! It's absolutely frakkin' amazing! There are no words to describe how AWESOME this is. It makes all the other comics look amateur by comparison.


I think that you guys have just given notice to the rest of the comic publishers that RAW STUDIOS IS HERE, BABY!!! Consider the gauntlet thrown down.


This is absolutely fantastic and you guys should be really proud of yourselves and what you have done. Congratulations on a job well done.



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Thanks for the awesome comments sveinx, MF -

It means even more coming from someone who isn't necessarily into comics.

And I'm stoked to hear Forbidden Planet is carrying our goods.

Long been a fan of them. I even have one of those old paper bags they used to drop your purchases in with the cool Brian Bolland FP artwork all over it.

The 3-D is really Tom's brainchild here, and Ray Zone's handiwork.

Steve, Jim, and I just did our thing.

Tom has been raving like a lunatic about incorporating 3-D into comics and film since we started this thing up.

Now he's got Bad Planet #3 under his belt and "Dark Country" about to start filming.

And it's funny how it's starting to catch on again. Even Spielberg is working on a film shot in 3D.

The technology has improved so much, and it's only going to get better.

We're just trying to beat the rest of the yahoos out of the gate.


- tb

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You're most welcome, TB. And you know how I feel about your work, so I won't keep repeating myself. Just keep it up. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.



Speaking of 3-D, I have the coolest 3-D mouse pad that I found at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. It is awesome, and it totally freaks people out. I'm a little into 3-D myself. Remember those Magic Eye pictures that were really big back in the 90's, that just looked like a bunch of dots, but once you looked at it just right, there was a picture in it. I have a whole book of those. I love those things. Used to drive my friends crazy that I could see the pictures and they couldn't. Lol.



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how do I delete the above post?




mediumfan showed me this and i had to say cause you mentioned people like me who love your stuff but are totally outside the comic realm.



This is what i said to her and how I feel about it-


Yeah, it really is. Its fuckin mindblowin' But you know what the real tragic thing is with his art? It doesn't reach a wider audience and is pretty much only confined to comic readers. By wider I'm talking international art exhibitions and shit. Its sad.




Tim Bradtreet writes-


The technology has improved so much, and it's only going to get better.

We're just trying to beat the rest of the yahoos out of the gate.




Yeah but you know what always perplexed me? Its how virtual reality just vanished into thin air! I remember how it sorta blew up in the mid 90s and there were places at arcades in the mall in Phoenix and stuff where they had this whole virtual reality/Laser tag type of joint. I even did it once and put on this insane headset with wires danglin' of it and these goggles and gun. I was virtual!


I mean the images were crude like big monotone boxes you walk around in but the concept is killer- I mean have that kind of alternate dimension is unreal! Like literally. then it fizzled away. I don't know why.



Then Japan was doing this thing where people were walking around with these sunglasses that holographically projected a computer monitor- but since its transparent-ish you can also see where you're going while typing on a little keyboard strapped to your arm. Holograms are fuckin dope and i'd love to see that take off- thats why I was so psyched to see Bad Planet- 3-D that REALLY worked.


Now check this shit out-


A while ago I heard about this project. It ultimately is like 'virtual reality' but the scenes are real video footage. This is how it worked. They would take a guy and have him drive down a windy road draped in trees and mountains and all that. But when he has driving he had a camera on his head recording the image in his perspective. So its recording everything the driver sees- the road ahead of him and the scenery etc. However, it was a panaoramic camera set up specially designed with multiple cameras on the headset facing different angles. So at every instant- shots from all around is recorded.


They would then take these lets say 5 camera perspective videos into the studio and render them together i.e. stich the images together. NOW when one sitting in their living room puts one of these suckers on- they look through their visor and can see themselves driving down the road BUT here's the juice: they can turn their heads in any direction lets say look back and see the road passing behind him, turn to the right and see the lake and things independent of what the original guy was looking at staticly.


It puts you right there in a 3-D type of way. Its actually a lot like that movie Strange Days. Anyways, I'm blabbing here...



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