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Bad Planet #3 in stores!

Tim Bradstreet

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Issue #3 (In SUPERTERROR 3D) is in stores so get on out there and pick one up!


Solicitation Copy -






The fearsome, loathsome DeathSpiders™ continue their sickening carnal rampage over the ravaged earth – this time in heart-thumping, mind-numbing SUPER-TERROR 3-D! The Phaedon Warrior makes his way to Earth, and Veronica Falcon thinks he may hold the key to stopping the horrific Deathspiders™. But will the escaped alien convict want to lend a hand? Or is he here to revel in the destruction? PLUS no less than 14 pages of FULL COLOR 3D done by the MASTER of STEREOSCOPIC imaging, RAY ZONE! SUPER-TERROR 3-D GLASSES included!



We at RAW got the coolest email From Mark Schultz yesterday. Mark is the cover artist for issue #3, and if you've been living in a vacuum for the last 25 years, he's the creator of "Xenoxoic Tales", and Cadillac's And Dinosaurs". Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Wally Wood . . . Schultz carries the torch of classic illustration like no one else. A student of the game, a master of the craft.


Excerpt from Mark's email -

- "Just received my comps of BP3 and want to pass on my congratulations to

all involved. It is an honor and a joy to be part of a comic that made

me step back and say "Now THAT is what comics are SUPPOSED to be all



Now THAT really made our day. Thanks a TON, Mark.


Please be sure to check out this amazing issue of Bad Planet and see what all the fuss is about.

And if you haven't already, it's still not even close to too late to pick up issue's 1 and 2, equally bitching, and a STEAL at cover price!


Thanks all.


- tB

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Hell yeah!! This is by far the most proud I've been of an issue. Being a 'novice' comic writer, I really had a ball writing this issue. I called up Ray Zone -- literally a childhood hero -- and asked him what it would take to make a hella good 3D book. He gave me tips that would FILL a cookie jar, and then some. So Niles and I wrote the book with 3D sections in mind - and wrote the HAELL out of the 3D pages. We learned from Ray that filling the page with too much info was a bad idea - we knocked that off immediatly. We fashioned the pages to feel like part of the action, without going crazy and figuring out how to put naked chicks in there!


We designed the pages around RAY ZONE's work, and that was the end of it. We really hope you enjoy the results.


Were you wearing a mumu around that time? Don't be afraid to come clean with us here.

Thomas Jane

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Guest AdminGuyX

The passion you guys are pouring into this work shows, through and through. It's exciting as hell, it reminds me of the days when Dark Horse started, and they were just balls out crazy in love with the material they were publishing (and seem to still be enjoying themselves quite a bit) and every single panel mattered.


I dig the old school aesthetic of the books too. You're doing it right!!


Thank you for the work, I'm loving it.

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My copy finally came in yesterday. All I have to say is, "Damn." The book was crazy. The 3D pages mixed in were just amazing. I looked at it for hours and finally fell asleep with the 3D glasses still on. Needless to say that when I woke up the RED and BLUE covering my vision scared the hell out of me, haha.


Great job guys. Man, can't wait to for the next issue.



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I thought the style of that cover looked familiar! Thought of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs when I first looked at it. Can't wait to pick it up... in 3D!!!



Speaking of dinosaurs, I suppose this is as fine a place to ask as any-



Tim Bradstreet, on the back of Bad Planet issue two there's an insanely cool add for RAW entertainment with a bunch of images from Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm seperated by the outline of one of those awesome alien death spiders. One of these pictures shows some dinosaurs staring up at a spaceship. What comic is this from? And do you guys have any plans for a dinosaur related comic in the future?


Keep up the great work- can't wait to pick up issue 3!

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Rez -

That shot of the Dinosaurs is from the cover of Alien Pig Farm 3000 - see this forum thread - http://rawstudios.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=23

The cover is illustrated by one of the great Dinosaur artists of all time, Mr. William Stout, who also did the cover for APF #3.


I highly suggest you check out the forum thread on the subject but you can also learn more here ---> http://www.rawstudios.com/comics.html

Or the offical site - http://www.alienpigfarm3000.com


See more of Bill's AMAZING body of work here -----> http://www.williamstout.com


Bill did the legendary movie poster for Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards (1977)". He's also a top notch production designer (Return Of The Living Dead). He's worked on eveything from Creepy Magazine to painting murals for the San Diego Zoo!


I'm not sure if his illustrated Dinosaur books are still in print but you can find some really cool stuff here -----> http://budplant.com/product.asp?pn=WS75CON10A


Check Bill's website. He himself may have stock of the Dinosaur stuff, books, prints, etc . . .


Bill is one of the greats. You have sharp eyes indeed.


- TB


PS - I'm glad you dug the ad! I did the graphic design for that and I humbly thank you for taking notice!

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Unfortunately, BP is sold out in places NOT because it was any kind of runaway hit.

The truth is, most retailers only order enough to fill customer orders. Not many order extras to sit on shelves for the browsing buyer.

Which sucks big ass because I myself could never be bothered with looking through the giant Diamond catalogue every month.

I'm one of those browsing buyers. Just think about all the good stuff I'm missing.


I totally understand that many retailers can't afford to have extra dead weight on their shelves.

Most probably consider it to be just another independant book. Not having the MARVEL or DC banner on a comic can definitely hurt you in this way.

I still think it sucks.


That's why we're asking people who missed the issues to ask their retailers to re-order it.

Reorder, reorder, reorder!


I only hope Image overprinted enough so that there are actually issues AVAILABLE to reorder.

Initial orders from the Diamond catalogue are very important, it really does justify, nay, DICTATE the amount of copies Image decides to have printed up.

If it was a runaway sleeper hit it might call for a second printing but in most cases, once the overstock is gone folks are forced to wait for the trade.


Trades are cool, but our business is COMICS. We want to support the industry and ourselves by getting people to read COMICS.

We want you to hold that sucker in your hands in serialized form like it's been done for decades upon decades. There is no other experience like it.


- TB

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I 'm French and I would just like to know if there is a luck(chance) that I can find Bad Planet in France (and translated into French :rolleyes: )



Heya Patti - The subject of translations and overseas publishing is constantly on our minds. It's something we're very interested in.

We're still researching the possibilities, and attempting to determine who and where. We definitely want to get the books into Europe, Japan, South America, China, etc . . .

It's a work in progress so unfortuantely I don't have much good news on this front currently, but we hope to have a definitive answer soon.

Thanks a lot for the good question.


- TB


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Heya Patti - The subject of translations and overseas publishing is constantly on our minds. It's something we're very interested in.

We're still researching the possibilities, and attempting to determine who and where. We definitely want to get the books into Europe, Japan, South America, China, etc . . .

It's a work in progress so unfortuantely I don't have much good news on this front currently, but we hope to have a definitive answer soon.

Thanks a lot for the good question.


- TB


Hi Tim


Thanks very much for your answer!


I hope sincerely that you will find a solution I look forward to seeing your work and that of Thomas... :)


Great sunday....


Patti (from France)

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Nope, that's a good question.


This is where I need you guys!


I'm not sure but I would venture to say that there are hundreds of retailers with a web presence that do mail order.

The trick is to do a google search with Bad Planet and see what pops up.

That's all I got.


Shed some light on this for us?


Thanks - Tim


Try this - http://www.badgercomics.com/product_info.p...roducts_id/3441

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My God! I just picked up Bad Planet #3 and I've never read a comic book in my life. I'm into Dave McKean and Johann Vasquez, and Roman Dirge but that's it. So I can't speak as to comic aesthetics but the shear vividness of the 3-D in this piece just blew me out of this whirl-d!


Bradstreet and Niles- to call you a genius would be an insult. This production makes geniuses look retarded.




A work of art would be an understatement. I felt guilty leaving Forbidden Planet on Broadway with this masterpiece of science and art for only $3.99 It took them awhile to find it cause they thought I said 'Bat Planet' which I'm assuming is not an unreasonable request at a comic shop.


Anyways, this belongs in a museum guys. I have seen some heavy 3-D material before like Ryan Geiss and Andy 'o Meara's digital 3-D audio visualizer prgrams- i've even spaced on Alphonso Mucha's 19th century lithographs with 3-D glasses (though it wasn't engineered specifically for it- it takes into another dimension! A dimension beyond the number 3)


If anyone haven't gotten this yet- shut off your computer right now and hop in your car and get it or order it. If you don't have cash- rip out your spleen or liver and plop it on the counter. It be worth at least $3.99


And no- I'm not some publicity nconditional comic freak ass-kisser- I actually am hypercritical- especially of Thomas Jane and I gots to say- this book is the motherfuckin' shit. But then what do I know? I'm just some asshole who hates Patricia Arquette.


Look what Thomas's wife did!




Think you could make a comic out of that? Or better yet- 3D-ize it?





I'm probably preaching to the converted so RAW! make Bad Planet more accessible for people OUT there.


and I would like to see a 'Good Planet' in the future sometime...


-"you don't need a masterplan to ruin the world"



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Chill, TL. He's only kidding! I know him and he does NOT really mean that. It's all in fun. He loves Patricia as much as TJ does, I bet. He really doesn't mean anything by it.


We know that you don't mess with Thomas' wife, and he or I would never say anything to hurt anyone, least of all them. We love 'em both.


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