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Armyghy the Artguy


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Hey there, this is my first topic on the board. I'll introduce myself before I start tossing out imagery.


I am a US Army Soldier, 1 Cav 4 BCT 4 BSTB, recently returned from Afghanistan and am two months from ETSing. When I get out, I plan to continue my college education and increase what talent I have art wise. I'd like to be a concept artist. I pretty much dove into comic book art because well, why the hell not. Anyway, 'ere goes...














I also have my own deviant art page. At http://ninjakinshu.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24. Hope you guys enjoy.

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I'm new here, but I love to check out people's artwork.


Very good stuff. I really liked the black and white versions of Spider-Man and The Punisher.


Just keep at it!

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Guest AdminGuyX

Welcome to the boards! Thank you for sharing your artwork, and thank you for your service. You're art is pretty good. I especially like the warhammer piece.


If you're interested in making a living as an artist when you'e out, check out the Joe Kubert school. If you're looking for tips, good affordable art supplies, ideas. etc. We're always open for those discussions around here.

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I did a few 40k bits, styled after an artist who calls themselves Nacho-mon. I dig the style.







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