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It wasn't me and I don't know. I don't think I was in the booth at the time.


For some reason I can't seem to post a link on the site, so I can't share the picture of the SDCC 2015 RAW Studios Team. John or anyone else that I am friends with on FB is more than welcome to swipe and post it.


So the photographer remains a mystery……Interesting. ;) Well whoever did it, I owe that person a HUGE thank you, as well.
It took me a few attempts to post the link of Tom’s pic, too. I had to click the “link” button and type it into the box in order for it to work. Otherwise, it kept having a highlighted space following the link and would lead to a page that doesn’t exist. :blink:
Can someone please try to post Mike’s pic for him? I want to see this group shot. Actually, it’d be cool if the picture could be added on the main page of RAW somewhere.
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RAW team SDCC 2015




Great picture!! Must print & frame that baby. ;)


Thanks for posting it, John!! & thanks for taking care of that spam problem earlier. You're on it. B)

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