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Comic-Con 2012...


Overall I had a great time. These are the highlights. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone/anything!


Roomed and hung out with fellow geek Michael Monterastelli.


At Comic-Con, I got to see 3 new pilots:



Better than I expected and I really enjoyed the action and some of the humor.



Good, solid, but not great. Was really hoping for a pilot as compelling as LOST, but it was definitely better than TERRA NOVA.



Loved this pilot! Knew nothing about it and it played like a sequel to MANHUNTER, which is one of my favorite movies. It consistently took me by surprise and I hope a show so dark and so smart can last on network TV. Never been a fan of Kevin Williamson, but I look forward to this series.


Had dinner with and hung out with Michael Hess and his daughters Mikaela and Sierra.


Perhaps my last Hall H experience: FRANKENWEENIE/Tim Burton, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL/Sam Raimi, WRECK-IT RALPH, Jackie Chan, EXPENDABLES 2/Stallone & Schwarzenegger.


Dinner and plenty of laughs with Chris Frobose.


Watched COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN'S HOPE with Cathie Horlick.


Hung out with Caelan Biehn at his first Comic-Con!


Dinner with pals Tony Adivari and Mike Alexander.


Anchor Bay Dinner with Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-biehn, Caelan Biehn and others.


RAW Panel with the premiere of PUNISHER short, Dirty Laundry. Got to see Tom Jane, Ron Perlman and meet Phil Joanou.


Annual trip to Ghirardelli for ice cream. Got to chat with Eric Vespe.


So proud to see one of my oldest friends Tim Bradstreet as a Comic-Con Special Guest and was there to see him receive his Inkpot Award.


Dinner with Scott Harben and friends.


Drinks and bar hopping with Jim Daly and the rest of the usual suspects along the way.


Even got to see Mark Walters finally on Sunday night.


And got to see Casa Bradstreet and spend time with Tim, Missy, Lydia and Chris.


It was an amazing time at Comic-Con this year!

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Comic-Con is a couple weeks behind us and I can finally let it settle in my brain. This was the most Con I partook in since I started attending in 04'. There's so much going on OUTSIDE the Con now you could go without a ticket and not be bored. Many people complain about Con getting too big and crowded but hey, it's only once a year, it's BLEEP-ing awesome and they do a wonderful job of trying to keep things moving. Where else can you see thousands of people dressed up and acres of comic/movie/book/video game merchandise you want in your living room for sale?

About RAW:

Swung by the RAW booth and snapped a shot of our man Jane with my friend who was too nervous to speak to him. He was wearing a great shirt that asked: Who are all these weirdos? Stopped by later and chatted with Mike as he dug through boxes upon boxes of shirts to find one my size. All of the RAW Studios branded stickers were a nice touch as was the RAW Panel business card/panel invite.

The panel was great, Mr. Jane did a wonderful job announcing Raw's comic book and film output. As usual, the Jane was a mix of funny, weirdcool, gracious and earnest. His description of what it's like to work with Ron Perlman was beutiful and from the heart. Senor Bradstreet kept things organized and flowing with that wonderful dry humor and booming voice.

About Con:

As usual, I hit up a mix of panels that included Foxtrot's Bill Amend, GI Joe writer Larry Hama, 90's comic superstar Jim Lee, a few upcoming movies and TV shows, Jackie Chan, Expendables II (Van Damme no showed but Arnold and Sly should have a sitcom together), anniversaries for Blade Runner and Masters of the Universe and a whole lot more I can't even remember anymore! Got a Navy Seals promo photo signed by Michael the f-ing Biehn at the Anchor Bay booth. With all of that going on I missed some movie premieres and special screenings, just too much to do.

Just throwing in a pic from the panel. I have a album on Facebook if anyone finds me.


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Thank you both, Brian McQ and viendammage for sharing your Comic-Con-ica with us!!!


Love me some Michael Biehn encounters and seems like you both had somma dat! ;)


It blows my mind that Stallone and Schwarzenegger were in the same room - isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse? :D


Cheers, guys!!!

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