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Upcoming Podcast Episode preview

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For my Podcast faithful -

First of all we're very close, VERY close to selecting a winner in the "Name The Podcast Contest".

The winner will be announced on December 21 and the lucky cuss will assume ownership of a mondo cool original illustration of Mistah Jane from the deleted kuwait scene animation - Punisher Extended Cut.


Artwork posted below!


Also, we have two very exciting Podcasts coming up.

The first will feature interviews with Ron Perlman and Tom Jane!

We caught Ron on the set of Dark Country and Tom talks about directing, acting, The Mist, working with Frank Darabont, plus a hunnerd other things.


The second Podcast features an hour long discussion with Bad Planet artist Jim Daly. All you young aspiring artists will NOT want to miss that. We talk about what it's like to work with Jane and Niles on Bad Planet, delve into Jim's career as a concept artist for major league Video Game Companies, and much, much more.


Stay tuned for Podcast's 6 and 7 mateys, coming soon, even . . . next week-like.



A looksee at the "Name The Podcast" Prize!



- TB

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Just a quick note -


Our Jane interview may get postponed until he returns from India.

We had scheduled it for today but Mr. Racine had a family matter to attend to.

Even so, we'll have the Jim Daly Episode up soon and we will get to completing our discussion with Tom when he gets back. In the meantime we'll probably do one or two regular episodes with no guests now that I'm back in the friendly confines.



- Tb

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