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A question for Geoff Boyle

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Guest AdminGuyX

Hello there Mr. Boyle! (if you're out there) I was perusing your website today and I couldn't get any of your footage to load, I kept getting a Quicktime logo with a question mark. My QT is updated, BTW, so I didn't figure it was that.


I was wondering if there might be another location to view your work. I was especially interested in seeing "The Haunting". But all the photos looked terrific, so I actually was going to just watch all you had listed.


I also wanted to add that I enjoyed your article about the Viper. Interesting that after shooting celluloid for so long when you finally move to feature films you're shooting digital. And now 3-D to boot!


And I like commercial shooters. I never understood the prejudice! Ridley Scott


Are you planning to write an article about shooting 3-D on DC, as you did about shooting with the viper on MC?


Hope so! :)


I was also wondering if I could ask you for some advice. And if not, no biggie, feel free to ignore the rest of my post!




I'm planning to shoot my first HD film in 2008. I was wondering what kind of packages should I be looking at if we're shooting for a 100K or less budget. This is going to be a zombie film, mostly night shoots, some set work, no green screen, with a lot of shadows, and I'm leaning toward a warm gold/earth tone color palette, so any lighting tips would also be appreciated.


My plan right now is to use a Canon XL-H1. I'm fond of the XL series for what I do, and I've had some very good results. I've shot mainly in the miniDv indy-film/hack slash horror world using the XL series (no porn, I promise) and a handful of Sony's and Panasonics that have fixed lenses. I don't really care for the fixed glass.


I enjoy the XL series because I like their interchangeable lens system. Mind you I'm using unconventional lighting techniques and equipment. I did spend a lot of time experimenting with different types of lighting until I found a setup that I really like using with the XL cameras. Mind you, I've had moments on set where I get sideways glances because I'm using a $50 home depot work lamp to key light, but as long as the footage looks good, I'm OK with that. :)


I'm very much looking forward to using HD, and any tips you could give me would be sincerely appreciated. I have the gut feeling that once I make the move to HD I'm going to have to do a lot of experimental shooting again until I find the look I'm after.


Thank you for your patience!


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If you don't get a response back from Boyle over the next week or so I suggest you go join the Cinematographers Mailing List discussion board - CML - http://www.cinematography.net

Copy your questions there for them.

I think Geoff has a personal forum too but I can't find it.

You should get a lot of the answers you seek there. There are over 4000 members worldwide.

Or send him an email, you can find the address on his CML page.


- TB

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