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Happy 13th day of November 2013!!! I suggest you watch the 3rd episode of Curve Your Vampirism's 3rd season:


CURVE YOUR VAMPIRISM ~ SEASON 3 EPISODE 3: When Vampires Celebrate Birthdays





The 'biting frenzy' will begin after you watch it....v""v

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Cell phones....It seems these days that pretty much everyone has one (I actually don't). Did you know that vampires know how to communicate via cell phone either through calling or text? It's true...At least, in the case of the Von Stoker Siblings.


CURVE YOUR VAMPIRISM ~ SEASON 3 EPISODE 4: When Vampires Lose Their Minutes




You know the drill....Watch it & pass it on! B)

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Holidays.....What are they all about?.....Well, there's family....precious moments....and spending, spending, spending!!! ;) Let's face it. We all shop 'til we drop, then shop some more. But we're not the only ones costing our lives....Ha! Get it.....costing....(think about it).....


Watch CURVE YOUR VAMPIRISM ~ SEASON 3 EPISODE 5: When Vampires Spend Money & find out how real vampires handle their finances.




Enjoy!!! Or not...it's totally up to you! v""v

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I found out some shocking news today, and I still can't believe it. :(


A friend of mine named Anne Bayley passed away on Sunday, June 1st at the young age of 42. She was such a kind person. While I only knew her through Twitter, she impacted my life greatly. She was & will always remain the #1 fan of Curve Your Vampirism. She watched every episode more than once, she bought merchandise (t-shirt, DVD set, downloads, etc), and she was always happy to spread the word for us about this show & any other project of ours.


Her support meant a lot to me & my brother, & we will miss her presence dearly.


RIP Anne....May all of your favorite TV shows never stop rerunning for you.

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