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El Guerrerö

Mike V

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Dude, I love how people will take something an run with it ;)

It really has nothing to do with anything except to be evocative of Del Toro himself.

The film reporting community just loves speculation and brushfires, no WONDER we see so many interesting concepts that never come to light as an actual film ;)

Any speck of anything fuels it, just like the recent appearance of my Megacity Masters Judge Dredd cover at Cannes. Just fueled speculation.

There were reports that I was lead designing the concept department on the film, there was even a story that reported I was production designing it!

Silly nonsense. It was a cover for a comic book ;)


El Guerrero is just the title of the piece - The Warrior


The Elric illustration this article refers to is in no way associated with any film project. Well, INdirectly, it is actually.

It was a commission done for a friend.

I used a shot from Hellboy II that I thought really looked like Elric.

The reference I used for my Elric was based on a shot of Luke Goss as Prince Nuada.

Mignola told me that when he was on set he said to Guillermo, "You're trying to make an Elric film aren't you (laughs)".

So it wasn't just me ;)


Anyway, that's why my gallery post reads "All apologies to Guillermo, Mike, and Luke" . . .


The Shock gang are good blokes, I just think it's kinda funny that all this speculation comes out of a harmless T-shirt design given away at SDCC.

The guys at Bleeding Cool actually sent me an email inquiring about what that design was for. At least they bothered to research before writing ;)


- TB

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