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The Horseman


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Haven't seen anything about this film on here so i thought i would bring it up. It came out a couple of weeks ago here in the UK and is one of the best revenge films i have ever seen. While it follows the basic formula of every revenge film it's a lot more gritty than most and has some very realistic brutal violence. But what makes the film work is strong performances by unknown actors and a very professional final product from a first time director/writer with only a $80,000 budget. If you get the chance see to see this give it a try.



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Watched this last night. Above average revenge flick and I would say that rather than being too short it doesn't outstay its welcome. I like horror films, but I find long and drawn out scenes of gore really boring and the recent trend of "more elaborate + more bloody = better" has left me cold. I appreciated that the director tried to keep this at least semi-realistic.


Also, the film would have fallen over without a solid central performance and that was certainly not the case as the lead actor nailed it.

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