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Hey, I hope Timothy wont mind me open a new post, but I need HELP.


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I could use a little help from any great artist, :unsure: Tim's help would be swell too. :)


B) Im working on a 98 pages long Comic book and now Im in page 72.

Here are some pictures of my work in progress....





My question is on link number 3, Panel 2. :unsure: (the close up of the girl). I want to draw blurry prison bars infront of the woman. :mellow: I dont know if thats possible to make if you do it with your hands. I can do it on Photoshop no problem ;) but this comic book is being drawn in a big blank journal :unsure: and it cant be edited through photoshop. :(


How can I draw blurry prison bars in that panel? What kind of equipment would I need to do that? :huh:


ありがとう :D

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Marchelo -


Feel free always to drop questions of this nature in the Show You Wares thread -

Our talented members can more easily assist you there and most offer nice constructive thought.


However, to answer your query -

If it's just pencil then obviously you can use a blending tool, even your finger to soften, blur, smudge, the edges of the bars to give it the foreground blur which replicates a slightly out of focus elelment

In INK what I would do is drybrush the edges of the bars to accomplish much the same, you just eliminate the hard line. The drybrush technique is not always easy to master, it's a very organic approach and as such you have to let yourself go a little, which is a tough thing for anyone who is all about control. You have to let the brush itself do the work, and you have to trust it. I'd practice first and here's what you do. First, you're going to waste a perfectly good piece of paper unless you are like me. I scan this kind of stuff so I can use it digitally when I need an effect. I can just select the part of the dry-brush edge I want and then "multiply" it over the rest of my black line, works the other way too, reversed and "screened".


But first things first, take that paper and a decent sized brush, dip in in your ink and apply to your board until the heavy ink flow begins to die (normally when you'd go back to the well).

then begin to work the edges with the "dry" brush. You'll get some super-cool break-up of line, a soft quality and the dryer your brush gets the less ink it will leave in it's wake.

Just work the driest parts towards the farthest edges and work away from the heavy black.

Here are a few examples of the differing kinds of edges you can get -




1. Horizontal break-up - Hard to do for something vertical.

2. Moderate break-up - This is my favorite - Likely the best for your needs.

3. Wide break-up - this is where you really let the ink run out to nothing.


Just fuck around with it until you begin to feel confident in your control of drybrush.

This is why I don't often throw away brushes that are no longer serviceable enough for line work.

The more battered and frayed your brush is, the better your results can be.

Also a large flat brush works very well for this type of thing - That's what I used in the example.


Hope this helps.


- TB

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....Hmmm :huh: wow THANK YOU TIM :D ... I should have thought about smudging. It sounds like Im gonna do sum heavy activity for one simple Panel, but I got patience. Im going to experiment. Thank you again Tim.


BTW one more thing Tim, Are you going to be in Comic Con in San Diego this year?


EDIT: Heres an example in what I going for. Lookit the blurred prison bars infront of Ledger.


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