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RAW Store needs a name!

Thomas Jane

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congrats FROTTAGE! (love the handle, BTW. look it up, kids, if ya don't catch the meaning. it's big in Japan!)


love the new name for the store. it's also the title to one of my favorite FILM NOIR's - directed by ANTHONY MANN. (no, not with Arnold.)


this film is so cool, Tim and I dream about remaking it one day.


really worth a look for all you film buffs out there, and if you love NOIR, this one is a must-have.


This is true, I should have thanked Dennis O'Keefe first and foremost for giving us Joe Sullivan in the real deal RAW DEAL. Mann and O'keefe went too young.


Ah well. Thanks Tom!

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Ooh, I'm dead chuffed to have been nominated! :D Thank you kindly.


I've just thought of something else if we're doing any more naming of things - How about the RAW Board or Forum becomes the RAW Bar? Oh, wait, or is that already taken as a topic line somewhere? It sounds a bit too familiar now that I think upon it...





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