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Fun Interview with TB at From The Tomb Magazine

Tim Bradstreet

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Tim, you know I now have no choice but to make a Oliver Spivey: Whale-boy Fromage Pugilist mock cover now.


I was hoping you'd say that!

My favorite part is, "It's Blood Meridian meets The Red Balloon." Heheh.


Holy crap. Had no idea that you where the one working on Aliens: Music of the Spears. I guess I haven't pulled those out for a while. By any chance, is that Tom O'Brien on #3? Looks a lot like him.


Ha! Nope. That's my Red Sky Diary model Joel Stinton, who incidentally was my first choice for The Punisher when I took on the book.

Unfortunately Joel had moved to Montana so that made it pretty difficult to get my shots. Now you can see why I picked Tom O'Brien ;)


And I cannot believe I forgot to mention working on Dragon Chiang or Hawk World with Timothy Truman! Whatta dunce!


- TB

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