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The Worst DVD Covers


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When I was putting my own two cents on the Dark Country custom covers, I went about and did some research. Not of great covers, but horrible ones. Terrible things to look at and learn what not to do. With that said, I thought it would be fun to share some of the worst covers around.




Piper seems to have a scene going on in his shirt, all the while not paying any attention to the moon throwing marbles and fuzzy lightning at him.




Cheap ConAir rip off.




You might be deceived into thinking this was a cool cover, I know I was. Until one day I looked at Tuco closer.






Two gratuitous shots trying to mimic the Army of Darkness pose.



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I ordered Streets of Fire last year thinking I was going to get the kick ass illistrated cover, which at that point was the only cover I has seen. Insteas I got this:





This image (quality wise) is not so bad. The one on my DVD looks like a really bad photo copy and is blury as all hell.

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That's one of those cases where I wouldn't say it's a bad cover design wise, but it sure as hell is misleading, and does deserve a place here. I would have been much, much happier with the Struzan artwork, but I think they saved that for the Blu-Ray.




Floating heads, and genericish photoshop job. As stated before, horrible tagline.


I'm going to go through my collection of dvds later. I'm sure I have some great movies with horrible art.

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I ran across this one at Family Video one night, and my girlfriend at the time refused to let me rent it. How you can you argue with such a great cover and 6 5-Star reviews on Amazon? :P


My favourite review:


Now that I have seen this movie, I can die a happy person.

I mean it. I have now lived a complete, fulfilled life. I couldn't have lived a more fulfilled life if I worked in a fulfilling factory instead of a Nike shoe factory in Moscow, Russia. I haven't had this much fun since I got that girl at the fireworks stand in so much trouble.

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