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High Tide TV Show


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Just adding this topic because I want to see if anyone has seen it. I haven't. :(


I asked Tom long ago, in October 2006, about his role. Here are the deets:


"Jen: I think I've pretty much seen all your movies and TV roles -

except for your guest turn in a TV series called High Tide. Do you

recall the character you played and what happened in the episode?


Tom: I played a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart, and raving to

myself. I think I witnessed a murder or something. It was a beach








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I've never heard of that show, Jen. Was it on in the 80's or something? I remember one called "Riptide" that had Joe Penny and Perry King and they had this pink helicopter with a face painted on it like a shark or something with really big teeth. I think they called it "Mimi".


But I'd be interested to know more about that one.



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