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  1. Looks like admins are the only people that can see the attachment. Looking forward to seeing it though, certainly sounds good and the site looks clean and modern. Good work guys!
  2. Congrats Tim!! Well deserved award. Would love to attend SDCC one of these years, Good luck going ahead guys.
  3. The festival wrapped early May, so scheduling was tight. I'll see if I can get my copy of the French Blu-Ray in front of the Festival Director for the upcoming Oktoberfest event he usually holds. All useful info re: projectors - they have screened a lot of stuff via blu-rays but I don't think they've ever projected a blu-ray into their 3D projection system - I will also enquire about the DCP through Sony. I think for the next festival, we are probably going to render all submitted films into DCP ourselves (juggling USB Sticks, hard drives, Blu-Rays & DVDs can be a major challenge) Cheers!
  4. It looks amazing on a Retina Display... now just need to get a HC with the sleeve from my 3D Blu-Ray (from france) that I really want to watch again now... ahem... Directors Cut .. 3D ...
  5. The Blu Ray arrived from France today and it has a 3D lenticular stuck on the front.
  6. Buying the french Blu Ray now on Amazon! Thank you Google Translate
  7. Hi Guys, A quick question to Thomas and Tim: I'm involved, as always, with the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival and its coming round again this year (May 2012) - the main venue is all digital and kitted out with 3D projectors. How can we discuss ways to get a screening on? I'd love to put you in touch with the festival director. I think there would be an audience, not sure of the logistics or if its possible. But hopefully you could get in touch to see if it's even feasible to move forward on the idea. Thanks, Ket PS - fingers crossed on a 3D bluray release (and i'm defnitely getting the GN!)
  8. Also - I could arrange a "special event" for the UK Stereoscopic Society - I'm sure it would generate some interest !
  9. Geoff - could I hook you up with the Festival Director for Sci-Fi-London - the festival just opened yesterday, but there is an Oktoberfest event later in the year .. the venue where the theatre is set up now has a RealD projection /display system too ...
  10. Do you think Thomas woud ever get a digital copy of the 3D version cut for screenings / festivals etc ... I'm a member of the Stereoscopic Society in the UK and have some friends that are involved in Film Festivals, it would be so cool if it could get some small indie screenings at the very least ... seems such a shame to not see it in 3D .. I'll keep tuned in to the forum and see what's happening.
  11. Thanks Tim, I've sent you the Festival Director's contact details. hopefully they can work something out ! Cheers ! Ket
  12. I'm getting really excited about Dark Country. can't wait to see it. Tim, did you get my message about the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, if it was ready in time for a UK screening .. will email Ray Zone tonight. Have you seen clips in any of the diff setups ? (RealD / Dolby) - does it look better in one format over another ? And do you think you'd get it into an IMAX ? I know U23D went down that route, but I'm not sure how well it will translate from one scale to another (not well I think) Have a good weekend, going to buy a 3D LCD monitor next week !
  13. I must say they did really well with the 3D effects and had a packed Central London audience laughing and shocked. The opening credits rocked ! The cinematography worked really well and the 3D gags were used only when "necessary" - which only gave them more impact I see Max Penner (from Paradise FX) worked on the 3D - Good Job. Oh and its worth staying right til the end of the credits if you want a little more 3D !
  14. Hi Ray, Glad to hear the shoot is underway and some 3D action is happening. Beowulf is out this week. So a treat for all. Couldn't find your anaglyph pic in the post, hopefully get to see it over the course of the shoot. By The Way, The Films And Festivals magazine came out a couple of weeks ago, with the anaglyph cover and you should be receiving a copy soon ! Thanks for your contribution, it seems to be selling well, and getting some good feedback. All the best to Dark Country cast and crew !!
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