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  1. We have another one ....Please report
  2. Happy birthday @Rosella..I hope you have a wonderful day .
  3. Thank you ....I will get the other one then ....
  4. Hey @Geoff if you could please help ... I haven’t read these magazines before ... Are they good enough for me to get a yearly subscription or do you suggest just getting the issue that Thomas is in ?
  5. Oh ok...I just scrolled through now and saw that ...lol sorry
  6. Hey @Geoff I watched a few months back ...
  7. Lol Geoff !!! I was too scared to say it ... but I was trying to be nice
  8. Haha ! no way we all just appreciate great talent!!!!
  9. Love your dvd collection... looks a little like mine back home in SA .....Enjoy the movie
  10. Hey Gail ... Do you perhaps know exactly what date in April ? Just checking if I’m able to attend
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