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  1. Gene Hackman's birthday, found this article from 1998 (amazed the link still works) has a little section with a young Thomas http://thehollywoodinterview.blogspot.com/2008/02/waiting-for-gene-on-set-of-under.html
  2. ok, I'll recant the appearance but character as master of films thanks for sharing bigger image of yourself.
  3. My worst film that I can recall was the one I selected for my first date with my hubbie and he reminds me about it about once a year (what was I thinking...) Nacho Libre. Ah well its not often he gets one on me. A comment for Geoff…. Has anyone said you remind them of Hawthorne in "The man in the High Castle"? Not knowing you personally (and your avatar image is tiny) its kind of funny as that character is the mysterious master of the films in the series and you are sort of that mysterious person on the Raw site that knows a lot about films, stirs up things... just my brain making connect
  4. Hmm, I like how this forum is organized with the main page having the moving strip of photos and then the sub pages. The forum with its multiple threads makes having a chat (or several) easier than any other platform I've seen. I've checked out twitter and there's just so much one way shouting that doesn't interest me (i.e. Trump, who I do not follow but there's enough retweets I see most), likewise Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc just don't work for collaborative discussions. I don't want to try having a conversation with thousands of people, no flaming, no quick judgements, no uninformed
  5. Just thought that I should drop a hello at the bar… I've been lurking since Dec 16th in anticipation of the Q&A. I don't normally post anything but after following along with the recent posts I just can't resist… Hello gals and Geoff, your posts are so entertaining! Everyday I browse through a different thread and find gems and dry nuggets, frequently laughing out loud so my family thinks I'm nuts The Expanse is what brought me to this forum as the Miller character was so well done I had to find out who that actor was...he seemed so familiar in all the right ways and yet I couldn't plac
  6. Tanya

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  7. Tanya

    TJ Q & A

    I hear Courtney is a really good chess player, have you played against her? Was that one of the reasons you've partnered? Strategy...
  8. Tanya

    TJ Q & A

    For your new company WAR (nice anagram for RAW ;)) is it a high financial risk for you and how long was it in the works?
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