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  1. Oh damn, I missed it. Have been sitting on trains and a bus all day, to celebrate Xmas with the family. Maybe I can join in post-live if I twarp the spacetime continnum.
  2. The fan-girls are gathering up. I will try to behave this time. (Is there a way to change your display name btw?).
  3. Please delete.
  4. Wow, I was really drunk last night, sorry for that...pillow talk and all kinds of flirts (my neighbors suffered more than you from this though, as I spent hours singing in the kitchen) I'm shameless. Good to know that Mr. Jane is likely to travel for love though.
  5. Thank you Tom for sticking around until I came. Hope to see you soon somewhere in the universe.
  6. Yes, you should, there's an old comic store in Stockholm, sci-fi, I hope they still exist. All those interesting stores are getting shut down these days.,
  7. Well, it's 00.16 in Sweden, Friday night, bag in box rosé-
  8. I would like to hear that story in person, sounds like a good pillow talk,--lol ( warning: silly)
  9. Sorry for the double questions. You're a great actor and cool person in general. I love your ex wife as well. Especially her latest The Act, quite fantastic. I also watched Predator in the movies. ps. I'm also drunk right now..lol.-
  10. Hi Tom. Glad you took care of the fake twitter accounts, when are you coming to Sweden?
  11. Hi, I read the rules. " no silly questions" , I'm banned for life then. When are you coming to Sweden?
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