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  1. Tom, I have a question on behalf of my good friend Zak. He has been a fan of yours ever since he was little. I remember growing up with him and he would always have his Frank Castle shirt on. We called him Franky four toes. Good ole Franky always enjoyed bringing knives to gun fights, torching us with popsicles, and heck, his favorite drink now is wild turkey! Anyway, I digress. He recently got married but did not have time to have a bachelor party so we are throwing one for him in June (22nd to be exact). What are the chances that you could make an appearance? It would make good ole Franky (Zak) a happy kid. 

  2. Mr. Jane, I appreciate you responding to my last question. Such an honor. I have another one for you. When I enter the bathroom ready to do battle, it reminds me of a saying you taught me when I needed a confidence boost - "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum". Frank, Is there a time in your life that you live by those words as well?

  3. Mr. Jane. Huge fan. love your work. A possible 2 part question here. Are you still trying to just get your kids back? And if so, how long will it take for you to have God sit this one out in order to get your kids back?

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