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  1. Thanks for the advice @Geoff and for the warm welcome (same for @Enaira) ! I did send her an email a couple of days ago but I doubt she'll have the time to answer such a small and low stakes question. C'est la vie.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a big fan of Detective Miller's (Thomas Jane as you know) character in the Expanse. I was stricken by his final scene with Julie Mao on Eros : it's clearly one of the most beautiful scene I ever saw. I especially like his clothes - very classy. I might have the silliest and most improbable question for you : I wonder what is the brand of Miller's shirt in season 1, episode 5&6. I uploaded a picture so that you can see which shirt I am talking about. I cannot find that information anywhere, but it seems some people are asking about it (there is even a reddit post!). I hope it will be different here. Anyways, thank you in advance for your answers.
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