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  1. News to me: Tom speaks highly of The Lycan and still wants to publish it. However it seems the art still isn't cleared up, meaning he's still looking for an artist to start everything from scratch... it will take time! And I hoped it would be all cleared in 2020... Besides, it sounds very much that the Lycan will be the last RAW endeavor Tom informs, quite logically, that Renegade is his future.
  2. No idea ! And thank you for the game
  3. Oh and Tom is back on The movies that made me podcast! Will listen tonight... https://trailersfromhell.com/podcast/pandemic-parade-7-quarantine-harder/
  4. Hi Tomjanerox, Yes Necessary evil is the next planned for shooting. But the next movie release will be Hour of lead. See the calendar section A few weeks/months ago, Hunter's moon and Crown Vic were released. We're waiting impatiently on news about Warning, Breach and Money plane... Not to forget the Renegade project From a Buick 8. Welcome back!
  5. Enaira


    #FunFact: this picture posted by Tom a few days ago is used as decoration in Ray's parents house in Hung, S1 E1, when he's moving back in and settling in.
  6. The video game industry is booming right now, with their workers able to work from home and the users all isolated so depending on the type of "immersive content" that Renegade plans to develop, it could be "easier to make" than a movie.
  7. RRRRRAwesomeness pure if you like technical details! Jeremy Benning speaking on lighting and camera choices for The Expanse. I could listen to him for hours!
  8. I understand and I'm so sorry for you
  9. you're giving me ideas to start with S1 again...
  10. Ha! Thank you Gail! It's a noun, not a verb. Now I get it. I hadn't thought about "Flip and burn" but you must be right. The meaning is "the burn towards Cibola"
  11. Ha! By the way... why on Earth (or Ceres for that matter) is the book called "Cibola burn" and not "Cibola burns"? Please answer quickly so I can finally get some sleep
  12. I'm done with book 4 now, it was a good read as always, so much interesting action-reaction observations of the human behaviours under stress. I haven't read the novellas yet so I won't comment on what was added (the Bobbie arc, the Avasarsla arc, the Drummer/Ashford arc ... none of those was in the book). I still believe that if you remove all the added topics above, you're left with ~5 episodes centered about the book. To me it's too short. I didn't get much answers about the "science", it was pretty much only "fiction", just as in the series. Which is too bad because the central character of Elvi could have been a lever to digress about possible evolution and chemical combinations found in life on a foreign planet. There were some hints, the chirality of the local molecules was pointed out several times. What would REALLY interest me would be to understand why some aspects of the book have been changed. There are so many differences! Havelock, Basia, Naomi, Elvi, Wei, even Miller. Some changes are made to better please the audience, some other must have been based on technical reasons. I'll probably never know but I'd love to sit in the pre-production meetings!
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    Hello Geoff, I was wondering if you have news about this movie? 2 months have past since the "failed announcement" and I'm still very much looking forward to it. Thanks!
  14. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Thanks for transmitting and also for asking! This would be great obviously.
  15. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Oh no Al. !! I'm relieved to hear you're better now. What about smell and taste, does it come back? I read about these symptoms but could never really imagine how that would be. Wow, so glad you're back! You know that's not what I meant by "forum is quiet" and "until the next breaking news"... right?
  16. The forum being very quiet at the moment, I thought I'd bring back this favourite picture of mine to the front line. Just because I feel like it. It will feel good to connect and see it upfront until some breaking news occurs. Enjoy!
  17. I've watched Nemesis yesterday evening the movie would be more interesting had it been made 5-10 years earlier. Now in comparison to Terminator 2 made the same year it's poor, but I guess that's not the point. The director really is sympathetic and enthusiastically filmed his ideas with a low budget. The movie takes us travelling to Shang-loo ("Shang-loo takes no shit. I love this town"...), the ladies play important roles be it good cop or bad cop and the action scenes are nicely coordinated. It is, however, not a movie you must see.
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    I JUST...

    I am saddened to read that CJ. I really understand what you mean about strangers leaving their imprint. It's important to remember, he's not just a number on the list. It's good to know your close ones are ok though. Take care!
  19. Hi RAW comics lovers! A few weeks back, Hasko posted on his Insta account a good looking teaser for "Monster vibes from the monster dimension", a psychedelic Paranormal Playboy comics from Phil Mucci. I got intrigued... and now I have my copy! With a variant cover by the italian horror artist Emanuele Taglietti. Beautiful. A melting pot of the best topics. Can highly recommend it: https://www.professordariobava.com/
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