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  1. And since Jonni was finding place in the UK... Tom developed a British accent? I will start looking for this series!
  2. I'd like to hear more about that bike which model was it? It's too bad the old link to the footage doesn't work anymore. Maybe you or Tom could find the file again ?
  3. Many thanks for sharing! I'm always found of backstage stories and set pictures. It looks like you had fun indeed
  4. Ok RAW friends... since March 21st when I wrote this, a lot of things happened. I just wanted to update you that I won't come to the UK in August. There are so many reasons not to plan this trip that I don't know where to start. I really do hope it will take place. That would be awesome for those living nearby and a great opportunity to wear all kinds of strange, or colourful, or disturbing or fan work masks... But with the non-existent flight schedules, quarantine rules, risk of a second wave due to the holiday season, plus the little voice inside me telling me that burning so much kerosene to spend just a night in the UK is irresponsible, that's a no go for me.
  5. Thank you all RAWarriors for your thoughts and kind words!
  6. Thank you Samantha! It started very well
  7. Ah merci beaucoup chère Gail! Today will be fantastic: 42 years old is a magical number
  8. Enjoy it @Rosella! You'll be on the front line to watch this movie. Soon !
  9. Enaira

    I JUST...

    So am I... So true! Love it when you're passing by.
  10. The blowpers? I don't get why she said no
  11. Genius! Looking forward to watching these episodes. It's crazy fun for both them and their fans They've put the confinement time to good use and now know their new house from all possible positions! I mean, you know, camera positions!
  12. It is hilarious! If this ain't love...
  13. July 10th!! Money plane will be available on digital platforms in the USA: https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/06/quiver-distribution-lands-action-thriller-money-plane-starring-adam-copeland-kelsey-grammer-1202949583/amp/ This one was really fast ! Covid 19 didn't slow down the post production team apparently.
  14. Enaira


    Great, thank you! This was the answer I was hoping to receive and the information about 2 new projects is awesome!
  15. Enaira


    @Geoff could you please shed some light as well here? Will the game continue? Or is the announcement postponed? There was the long memorial weekend and Anne's birthday, so everybody was busy at Renegade but now the silence is strange. I hope nothing bad happened.
  16. Awww thank you... can you see me blush from where you are?
  17. Wow Samantha! You are quite THE fan yourself! I feel like a baby around here.
  18. @inspiredmad : you truly are THE fan of TJ! I can only imagine how much it meant to you to meet him after so many years. Soooo glad you're cherishing the memories.
  19. Hi @Geoff, I just read in the open letter from Dallas Sonnier that all contracts with Adam Donaghey (unit production manager on Run Hide Fight) were cancelled. While I was wondering if this would have an impact on the timeline of production and distribution of the movie, I realized we do not have a release date yet. Do you have any more information about the post production of this one? Thanks!
  20. You're my forum star!
  21. This movie is also named Bulletproof? This is strange I believed that the English-speaking world was splitted between Crown Vic and Protect and Serve... this page is from Canada. BULLETPROOF Trailer (2020) Thomas Jane Cop Action Movie HDAn intense, gritty and riveting crime thriller following two LAPD officers as they hunt two cop killers on the loose in a city about to boil over. #BulletproofTraining Day meets End of Watch, Bulletproof is a brutal look at the extreme danger and unthinkable sacrifices police offers face when they commit to serve and protect the public starring Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Luke Kleintank (Man in the High Castle). https://www.joblo.com/movie-trailers/bulletproof-trailer-2020-thomas-jane-cop-action-movie-hd
  22. Hi Viendammage! Good to hear from you. I see you had a good day
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