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  1. You just made one little boy very happy! He seriously is dancing on the couch, screaming I'm gonna be the punisher then asked me what a wheatie is? LOL Ur awesome Tom! Thank you so much for this! Have a wonderful Christmas! xo
  2. Great! Now Mamabear has to go by fake snow for his bedroom! Thanks TJ!! LMAO
  3. Thank you for being my superhero, and i love u being the punisher and can i one day be the punisher?!
  4. Merry Christmas, Tom. So this time, I have Aislin with me and I was TOLD its HIS TURN to ask questions so I guess I am SOL!! LOL His first question is....Its cold here in North Bay. Are you making snowmen in california! (It DOES NOT matter what I say, Tom, Babybear has made it very clear I am just to ask his "Superhero" his questions. Even if they don't make much sense. LOL My Lil Hero is set in his ways! Much like his Mamabear. xo
  5. I don't know how you do it all but our passions is what keeps us going. I just know Lycan is going to be something special and I am waiting!!!! I'll be more patient;););) I will not take up anymore of your time. I am very thankful you are here connecting with us as not many celebrities would do that, so thank you with all my heart!! My son adores you and it means so much for him to have a "great" male role model in his life! There are not many left in this world and he needs one. Thank you for all you do, ESPECIALLY the work you do with children of the night as, for personal reasons, it is a very important charity to me that I am involved with myself. God Bless. I wish you all the happiness in the world. xxoo
  6. Hi Tom, I know its been several years in the making but I have been waiting (impatiently) so long for the Lycan. I heard you now have a new artist. Will the Lycan be out anytime in the near future? Thanks so much!;)
  7. It is a pleasure meeting you, Chris! Our passions are what make us who we are, give us that drive to live in a sometimes cruel world. Never give up on your dreams!!! Some of the greatest changes in history, some of the greatest dreams come true, come from people who had nothing but their hopes and dreams of a better future and who made the difference for so many! A certain celebrity, just being who they are, are the reason a life I know was saved. Not by their movies, or celebrity, but by showing the world a part of themselves that this person thought was lost and hopeless. Too many people spend their life "working" and forgetting why they were put on this earth. EVERYONE has a gift. You just need to find it. Ok, enough philosophy for one day! LMAO, I am very happy you are here! Best wishes to you!! ;);) Kat;)
  8. I have Alien Pig Farm and bad Planet but have searched everywhere and cannot find The Lycan! Thats the one I really want!! Does Raw Studios not have a store anymore? Would like some more t-shirts as well! Thanks for any suggestions!


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    2. Geoff


      It's still a way off yet but if you're about for the q and a on Friday you can ask Tom himself 😁

    3. Mamabear1974


      I will definitely be there dear!! Thank you so much for the updates! Very much appreciated! Have a great day!;)

    4. Geoff


      You're welcome. You too. 

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