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  1. This is my first piece using Painter and first time redesigning a known character. I've redesigned Dr. Strange a bit meshing different cultural and mystical elements leaning more towards dark magic. Necromancy symbol smeared onto bare flesh, leather cape/jacket, long finger nails, spell being cast thumb in in more of a devil horns gesture, and Japanese kyahan leggings with thong sandals.
  2. Stick a fork in this one "Crusades 2010"
  3. That's a pretty slick bunny piece there. Here's my new piece
  4. I have a question for you. When it comes to seeing someone out in public you would like to use for a shoot; do you carry business cards for that? Or is literally, "Excuse me young lady you've a very striking look about you. Would you like to come down to my basement so that I may photograph you?"
  5. That cover is pretty sweet Mr. Ewing. Here's my newest CHEERS ALL!!!
  6. Getting back to pen and ink and paint combined with digital. Here's today's piece
  7. Here's this afternoon's work for this new concept.
  8. Wrapped this up with some color this morning I worked up a quick logo for the title More moody version
  9. Got my first prop gun yesterday. Whole new style of pieces forthcoming. Here's the first one entitled "The Hunt" Cheers me buckos!!
  10. I guess I'll chime in here, even though I'm the new kid. I like the freindly vibe in here. Other big boards I've been on have kind of an elitist edge to them. Especially when it becomes such a huge free for all. The part that can be kind of lame is when the proffesional or more experienced artists disapear into "pro lounge" areas and don't mingle or comment on younger artists work. Anyway, merger or no merger I'll hang around and put my stuff up. Lend comments and whatnot when it strikes me. Just hope this place stays mello. CHEERS!!
  11. That's a really clean illo Mr Ewing. CHEERS!! I decided to carry my last piece into presentation format. I added some graphics which tie into the the theme. They are based on 19th century Nuristani panels which connects to the 19th century Afghani swords in my characters hands. Also the borders bring this piece to approx. 11 x 17.
  12. Did some color work on this one today.
  13. Thanks a lot man. Here's today's piece.
  14. Hello to everyone. My name is John. I'm a self taught artist for the most part. I've taken a few night courses here and there but other than that what I know I learned by trial and error. I usually do a combination of traditional and digital art; pencil sketch scanned in and worked on a tablet ans screen. Anyway enough about me here's my stuff: A Christmas Carol series of peices: Empire State Builder ( based on Lewis Hines' Photograh) Pencil and Charcoal and Ink wash Couple Mummies: Karloff mummy from my own design Original Mummy concept Moon Bathing Were-Chick: Batman Front Page Piece: Caveman Painting: Piece based on one of Tim Bradsteet's photos: I've been working on this one during the week. Black and white's are basically where I want them . I might do some coloring on this one later on. Decided to start coloring this today. I think I'll call this one done.
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