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  1. Mazzie

    Tom IG

    Ok thank you. It’s just a fan pm on twitter saying she was contacted on IG saying he was Tom and asking the fan for money. Which is so wrong so I’m hoping the team can get this fake account shut down. She has contacted then site but they won’t do anything unless the person himself contacts them and asks them to close it. Which is pretty silly. Seeing as fans knows it’s a fake.
  2. Mazzie

    Tom IG

    Hi everyone. Was just wondering does Tom have istragram at all. As there is someone on there saying Its him but its not was wondering if he had one but doesnt bother with it no more Many thanks.
  3. Mazzie


    I have not seen the bodyguard. Dont think it got much advertising did it. Might be worth taking a look. I dont think Thomas is in is he?
  4. Sky is annoying. They hardly air anything these days. Lol
  5. Yeah. IT was good. Hoping they re air dream catcher on tv.
  6. Mazzie


    Hiya. I hope so. Sometimes in the uk some films are limited release which is so annoying. Lol.
  7. They need to re air this show. Esp for people who havent seen it. Lol.
  8. I think I saw this film years ago. But Ive watched so many films over the years I will have to rewatch it. Lol.
  9. So cool that he wears no shoes or socks. lol. Me I would be worried about getting glass in my feet I wear shoes outside but not inside. Lol At least he saves loads on shoes lol.
  10. Is he working on any other movies since the predator? If so which ones. ?
  11. Ive never seen this film I dont think its ever been shown on tv. Which is a shame. But I have read up about it. And from what Ive read it looks really good. ?
  12. Mazzie


    This film hasnt been released in the uk yet. I really want to see it. Wonder when it will be released.
  13. Wow thats a lot of Money. When I went to the cinema yesterday there was a few people there. They seem to enjoy the film. I did. I dont know why people moan when they do sequels. There are some movies that shouldnt be touch and predator isnt one of them. There is room for more films I would like to know how they become how they was made. Why do they keep coming back to earth etc. I know its just a movie etc but it does ask some questions. And extra bonus Thomas Jane. The man gets sexier very hot. Lol.
  14. Hello. Thank you. Really good form its also nice to see that Thomas Jane himself posts on here. Lol. Uk here time is 2:11am and I cant sleep at all. Lol.
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