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  1. Right, yes, focus. Shattered Hand! I wish for it to be.
  2. The drift nearly buried me, so I definitely got it. Unfortunately we only see the masterpieces Tim unleashes once he's done, and not the process. I like to imagine he draws them in stages and at this moment right now somewhere there's a buck naked pinhead drawing sitting somewhere in Tim's place. And then maybe it moves on in progression. Pinhead in boxers (briefs?) and so on, so forth. So only TB can answer your question. The one with the drapes and the carpets and stuff.
  3. First I was all like "hmm, how's that work." And you know how I can lag behind, so it dawned on me later. Thanks for making me think of pinhead's pinhead. Frottage out.
  4. That about sums it up, although Tim had the common sense to stop going to panels long before I did. And the various panel attendance was bizarre. I had no idea so many people wanted to hear me and Marcus Territory talk about books turned into film. I'll still not forgive them for forcing a table on me, then putting it 20 minutes away from everything else. Although with 37 panels to go to, I would have had little more than time to wave at the table, had I wanted to return to it. Matters little anyway, as it's all prelude to the gobs of fun that went down afterward. Except for Friday night. Friday night sucked. Cold pickle with a side of indignant.
  5. The Burrowers is effective. Great cast. The director (JT) is a talented guy. And a good enough guy to know and be okay knowing that we were filming a movie in his apartment, with a shower scene that involved my character... pleasuring himself. There's a lil bonus trivia nugget for ya!
  6. Tom, I have to say, that panel we were on there (directors and producers... maybe?), you said some pretty damn inspirational stuff. I don't think any of us knew what that panel was about, so to have taken anything away from it was very cool. I don't know how many times you've gone through the process of Dark Country and your experiences and what you'd like to continue doing, but sitting there hearing it genuinely struck punk rock chords with me, I really do hope other potential directors and producers get to hear it and see the way things could be done, or just adopt the same approach through their own passion. The world could use it.
  7. I wish you were there too, bud. I'm going to take that watered down sub-genre and blast it up a notch. Otherwise, one day we'll all join hands and do something legendary together. And then people will write books and make movies about it, you know the cycle.
  8. That's some serious badass. I'm all testosteroned just reading it.
  9. In order to fully appreciate I-Con and all it has to offer, you must be in peak physical condition. I fell down on the way to a panel Saturday morning and didn't get up until late that evening. Tom is the cat's pajamas. Tim, despite his no holds barred abandonment, is the bees knees. I was nervous about meeting Noeland again.
  10. Eh, well unfortunately, I think you know as well as most how they can not. It seems like studios take the best possible options for posters and dvd covers and dismiss them first. All these new releases of movies from the 70's and 80's, many of which the only good part of them WERE THE POSTERS, are slapped on dvd with some uninspired photoshop job. I remember Bradstreet and I looking at a poster for this movie called PIGHUNT. Very grindhouse, very shockfestival. We were both pretty impressed by it, and I said right there that the poster was going to be the best part of the production. It is. So of course it came out on dvd a couple of months ago with some photoshop, shiny cartoon pig on the dvd. That's my story. And with that said, if need be, I'll head up the mob that goes down to Sony to get Bradstreet's poster on that thing. The people will be heard! Get out yer pitchforks...
  11. Adam West. Aye carumba. Keaton was a decent enough Batman, but as Bruce Wayne he was all wrong. Bale is a fantastic actor, although I realize the voice thing bothered a lot of people in the second movie. The director needs to pick up on this while it's going on and... Direct.
  12. Well, in defense of British Batmen, the first 5 American whacks at it was pretty brutal, and now there's finally something to watch more than once. I don't know what country they should have found Hal Jordan from, but I wish they had kept looking.
  13. This is true, I should have thanked Dennis O'Keefe first and foremost for giving us Joe Sullivan in the real deal RAW DEAL. Mann and O'keefe went too young. Ah well. Thanks Tom!
  14. Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you. I'd like to thank my family. My agent. My dog Brody, without him I wouldn't have been able to withstand the cold nights, wondering if I had won. I'd like to thank Tom and Tim for making me a partner in the company, I'm very excited about the direction we're going to take it in. Wait, that was the prize right?
  15. That portfolio is somewhat true, as Damian will play the lead in a play called Suckerfish, produced by Thomas Jane. But only produced (although Tom may paint sets). Suckerfish was written by some maniac named WT Underwood, and by only the grace of a higher power has he allowed this play to be put on. The portfolio/presskit or whatever it is has been yanked for having incorrect and unnaproved information (amongst many other errors!) The thing also does not mention another exciting tidbit, which is that the play's design and artwork will be provided by some guy named Tim Bradstreet. More information will will thrust out as the thing gets closer to go time.
  16. Shock Til You Drop did an article on their top 25 horror films of the decade. THE MIST comes in at #3 Shock's Top 25 Horror Films of the Decade
  17. My attempts at tweaking... The Raw Deal Bad Planet. Good stuff. Bad Planet resources
  18. Thanks! It's simple, but all around effective. And it says RAW in it and stuff.
  19. RAW Hide (not sure why a store would be called a hide, but... Whatever, yanno...) RAW Deal(s)!
  20. That one bears the closest resemblance, although they're all quite well done. Nice Tom Atkins action you got going on there. Bout time that thing came out on dvd.
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