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  1. Fantasy Jonah Hex production? "Vikings" era Kirk Douglas!
  2. If there's girl-on-girl licking going on, can I watch?
  3. That voluptuous, green-skinned space-chick that Kirk was shagging was worth the price of admission alone.... mmmmmm....
  4. No, sorry, not yet. Been working long hours... I won't miss it, though, don't worry. Shot any scenes with Mr. Rhames yet? My wife's got a "thing" for Ving... which is weird, 'cos she usually goes for skinny white guys...
  5. Tom, this looks GREAT! Way better than anything we've seen from that other retro-noir movie that's coming out this December.... what's it called again? Ghostie? Spectre...? Something like that. Anyway, I'm praying this gets a cinema release... those stills alone are enough to get me in the queue for the first showing. I loves me some hardboiled noir. Good luck with the rest of the shoot, y'all! Best wishes, Chris.
  6. Hey Joe, I second that motion... I'm bringing the missus next year, too. Tim, Dave... this is one Con you MUST try out. You wouldn't regret it. Promise.
  7. Nice one! I had the good fortune to go out for a drink with the Perl-Meister when he was over here filming "Mutant Chronicles" and even then he was moaning about how he'd been waiting ages for some portrait you'd promised him! Glad he's finally been put out of his misery, Tim! Great piece... he won't be disappointed. Change of subject: I hear you've been invited out to a Con in Valenciennes, Northern France, right? Well, if it helps to sway your decision into the affirmative, I'll be there! Come on over, it'll be great to see you!
  8. Or, as Peter Jackson once said, "Pain is temporary. Film is forever!" Keep going, Tim!
  9. Tim, Britain's top selling film mag, Empire, has pushed some love in Dark Country's direction on their website! Check it out here: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=21463
  10. Tim, these posts are immensely enjoyable. Every day you don't give us an update is a bereavement. Do keep them coming!
  11. You're telling me! He's the second best in the industry! He he!
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