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  1. Fichtner would be great. Here's my fanboy list: Michael Jai White Kurt Russell Kevin Bacon Ben Foster Terry Crews Stephen Graham Brendan Gleeson Gary Oldman Denis Leary
  2. Being a fool I'll probably go see this just because it is Walter Hill and I've never seen one of his films on the big screen, but I can't see a version of this film where Stallone doesn't completely and totally dominate his new co-star. I have nothing against the actor, but in terms of physical presence and star quality the poor guy doesn’t have a chance. With Tom it was an interesting dynamic, and now...
  3. Padre

    Peter Falk

    Very sad news. RIP.
  4. I guess the topic description should now be changed from "Rambo teams with Punisher" to "Rambo teams with your man from the Fast and Furious sequels. Isn't that exciting?" And cha-ching goes the box office!
  5. Jason Momoa has been cast as the bad guy, which is good news if his turn on Game of Thrones is anything to go by: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Jason-Momoa...lick-25336.html This article seems to think Tom is definitely out. Has there been any official word on that yet?
  6. Padre

    I JUST...

    ...finished my first feature length script, and feeling pretty good about it. Its 100 pages of pure gold
  7. Here's a few gems off the top of my head: Showdown in Little Tokyo The Signal Prince of Darkness Kontroll Razorback The Hidden (1987) Judgment Night The Quiet Earth Silent Trigger Maniac Cop 2 Dead Heat Trespass From Beyond Dust Devil The Mission (1999) Castle Freak The Brotherhood of War A Bittersweet Life Best Seller Deep Rising Nice job with the blog man. I check it out every now and again. Keep up the good work
  8. Here's a review of the script. It sounds like prime Walter Hill material to me (Warning: Mild spoilers): http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/script-...lessandro-camon Needless to say, Tom would be perfect for the cop role.
  9. This sucks so hard. In the last ten years what has that "formula" yielded: National Security. I Spy. Showtime. The Man. Cop Out. Not a very exciting list is it? It was the promise of seeing Sly paired with Tom that got people excited about this. Then when Walter Hill came on we all got REALLY excited at what this could be. All I can say to Joel Silver is: Cop on buddy! This is gold!
  10. It is true: http://www.joblo.com/arrow/index.php?id=28480 http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/ This is bullshit of the highest order.
  11. Man that really, REALLY sucks if it is true
  12. Padre

    I JUST...

    Went to Dublin yesterday to see Obama. I gave up after a half hour spent in a massive line that stopped moving. I ended up watching it all in a pub. Bit disappointing, but he gave an awesome speech. And he even paid for his own pint of Guinness, which is downright classy.
  13. Padre


    Just finished it 100%. Awesome game.
  14. Padre


    You should . I'm already 32% complete. I'd love to hear TJ talk about this. Its not everyday you get a game with writing this good and a cast like Tom, Ron Perlman, Kris Kristofferson, Brad Dourif and Tom Skerritt. And great gameplay to boot.
  15. Padre


    I'm really loving this so far. Anyone else played?
  16. Padre


    Just got a copy of this today, finally. Looking forward to getting stuck into it.
  17. That tagline reeks of "Fuck it, that'll do! I'm off to the pub". It's horrible.
  18. Yeah the last one was Salvation. It was a huge disappointment to me. Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin were great and it had a couple of good action scenes, but it just didn't work. It's filled with plot holes, flat characters and it’s just a big bore. Bale looks uncomfortable and pissed off the whole film, and what's worse is John Connor feels like a pointless subplot in a film that’s supposed to be ABOUT him. It’s not terrible but you expect much better from a Terminator film. Here's an article that goes through the script before Bale signed on, which sounded a lot more interestin
  19. For better or worse it's happening: http://www.deadline.com/2011/04/arnold-sch...-lin-to-direct/ I have to admit I'm a little bit excited to see what they do with it. After the last film the only way is up.
  20. Happy Easter folks. Have a great one
  21. Who knows, maybe if Headshot is a hit Marvel will revive The Punisher films with Tom starring and Walter Hill directing. I can dream can't I?
  22. I have a friend whose seen it and said it was good. He said it was very disturbing but it had a point. Even so, I think I'll give it a miss. There are some images I don't want in my head.
  23. Is The Scarlet Gospels still happening? It must be a decade since it was announced. I watched Hellraiser: Inferno last night out of curiosity. Big mistake . Finger's crossed for the reboot.
  24. Miike would be an inspired choice for it, but they'd never pick him. Can you imagine an R rated Wolverine under his direction? The mind boggles.
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