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  1. Really hope this works out. Darabont and TJ are a perfect fit. His performance in The Mist is the best work he's ever done in my opinion.
  2. Here's a couple of reviews I done wroted: http://classic-horror.com/about/padraig_cotter
  3. That story had me in stitches (sorry guys, couldn't resist ). I remember hearing about this awhile ago. Pretty badass. I would have yelled out like a little girl if that happened to me.
  4. Damn, I was looking forward to seeing Kurt in this . I miss seeing him on the big screen. He seems to be semi retired at this point.
  5. And here's the International Trailer. Damn I want this movie now!: #
  6. Hope it's a great one wherever you are. And remember, everyone is a little Irish today
  7. Guys could Joyce email her photo to one of you and you can put it up on her behalf?
  8. Thanks guys. And rest assured there will be plenty of debauchery and cavorting to come And Happy B-day to you brother indie
  9. Happy Birthday sir. Hope it's a great one.
  10. Happy Birthday Tim. Hope it was a great one. If we ever meet in person the pints are on me
  11. Really looking forward to this one. It looks like a lot of fun, and Guy Pearce as a badass can only be a good thing. And I'd definitely prefer this to an actual remake of Escape From New York.
  12. Padre

    I JUST...

    Got a review published. Step aside Ebert!: http://classic-horror.com/reviews/last_man_on_earth_1964
  13. Now that I've seen the trailer I'm going to do a total media blackout on this. I want to walk into it as fresh as possible.
  14. Ah crap, that sounds great! I didn't even realise it was Witwer playing that zombie.
  15. This is awful. My condolences to Tom and his family.
  16. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys. Have a good one And don't forget to watch Die Hard while your at it!
  17. I remember watching Solomon Kane for the first time and thinking Bassett would be perfect for a Silent Hill film. The look and tone of it just fit so well. I was super psyched when I heard he got it. The failings of the first film are completely down to the script. It’s patchy as hell and it has the world's all time most useless subplot (Sean Bean wandering around doing...stuff). It was a great visual ride (the soundtrack was fantastic too) but the story left a lot to be desired. With Bassett onboard I'm sure he'll bring the heart to it that was missing the first time around.
  18. It was jarring for a minute or so but I like the new look. Change isn't always a bad thing.
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