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  1. Came across a teaser poster for the film. Love that tagline: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/172469-teaser-art-for-thomas-janes-wet-house
  2. Happy Birthday Tim. Have a good one.
  3. Looper was excellent. Great performances, writing, direction etc. Like most time travel films you could easily nit-pick flaws in the logic, but that aside it's the smartest sci-fi film to come out of mainstream Hollywood in a long time.
  4. It looks like there's finally some movement with the movie: http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/writers-set-for-the-new-terminator-movie/
  5. Great list JWeb. And I share your love for Dredd. I was crushed it didn't do a lot better. Here's my top 10 of the year: 1) The Raid - The best action film of the last ten years. A future classic. 2) Argo - Affleck just keeps getting better. The tension had me twisted in knots, even knowing how it ended. 3) Looper - A great concept executed with style and class. I Levitt! (Sorry) 4) Dredd - The hard edged adaptation the character deserved. Urban was perfect. 5) The Grey - A surprisingly moving survival drama with a great central performance. Not at all the "Liam Neeson punching
  6. Padre


    I completely second that. He'd be excellent as Snake.
  7. And The Raid too. Ahem: http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/review-the-raid-2011/
  8. What an incredibly well written review of Sinister. Ahem: http://www.state.ie/film/sinister
  9. Padre


    Its a serious shame it hasn't done well. I finally got to see it last night and i loved it. Urban nailed the role.
  10. I wrote a review of Lawless. Perhaps you would like to read it?: http://www.state.ie/film/lawless
  11. My review of the new Total Recall. I wasn't a fan: http://www.krank.ie/entertainment/review-total-recall-2012/
  12. Happy birthday again Indie. Hope your having a great day.
  13. Happy belated birthday sunshine
  14. Very shocking and sad news. R.I.P sir.
  15. Good picks. For me there’s been a few. First one would be the original Batman from 1989. I remember vividly sitting watching it when I was about 5 and falling in love with cinema there and then. It made me the pasty geek I am today! Then there was The Fountain (2006), which me think about life and death in a completely different light. And I saw a film recently called The Last Minute (2001) that really spoke to me. It’s not a classic but it has a great message: You’ve only got a limited time and its ever running out, so stop living for tomorrow or 5 years down the road and start living and
  16. Awesome interview. And the cinema i saw Deep Blue Sea in had the exact same reaction to *that* scene. I remember sitting in stunned silence for about 5 minutes after it happened. And on the topic of films as art, have you guys ever had a movie change the way you look / think about something, be it life, love, politics etc?
  17. Here's a neat round up of the comic storyline's that inspired the film: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20610393_20613554,00.htm
  18. I don't think so no. I think the character is meant to be a combination of all the different versions of Robin from the comic.
  19. Here's a review i wrote for Brave: http://www.state.ie/film/brave
  20. You really couldn't get better casting than Ron Perlman in that part. And that was a pretty epic speed run Tom
  21. Didn't realize it took 10 years for Frank to get a real name : http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2012/04/22/when-we-first-met-when-did-the-punisher-first-kill-someone/
  22. Some fun food for thought (BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!!!!): http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Dark-Knight-Rises-Explained-Unraveling-Unanswered-Questions-32070.html
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